Tuesday, June 11, 2013

As everyone knows, we have been in the grips of a wet spell. All of our streams creeks and rivers are flowing higher than normal. Because we have had so much rain recently, I suspect water flows are going to remain higher than we've experienced at this time of the year in a long time. There is a lot of moisture in the ground. Right now all this water is messing up our fishing, however be prepared for the awesome fishing in July and August. For now get the streamer rods out and go hunting for a big fish. Once the water flows settle down. We should still experience some excellent afternoon and evening fishing. Expect to see a lot of insect activity each evening; we will need to prepare for multiple hatchets. You will see a few different caddis hatching; the most obvious will be a size 16 light caddis. There will also be some smaller black caddis a lone with a few other varieties of caddis around. As for mayflies from mid to late afternoon you will find gray foxes and March Browns hatching. Of course towards evening we will have the sulphurs hatch and spinner returns.
Just a friendly reminder, even though we are busy fishing for trout with dry flies and trying to get our garden work caught up. Fall fishing will be on us before we know it. If you are planning on fishing the Salmon River this September and October with me, it is not too early to get your arrangements made. Get your days in my calendar and more importantly make sure you get lodging on the Salmon River. Lodging does disappear quickly so making your plans early is a good idea.