Thursday, May 16, 2013

Well I guess I have to admit to the bitter fax. Steelhead season is over until this fall. I will be going to the Salmon River to look for the Atlantic salmon, for the next few weeks. I will keep up to date on what I find. Until then, I will have to kill time with dry flies and trout fishing until fall comes around. Sounds like good times to me.  What is going on with the trout fishing?
Over the last few days the weather has been colder then normal and we did get a bet of rain. Water temps has drop off, however the water flows in our local trout streams are still in good fishing levels. The Hendrickson hatch is over and so is the olive hatch, we should be seeing some caddis hatching soon. For now fishing streamers and wilily buggers is getting the job done.  For streamers, I have been using black and olive bunny flies in size 6 and 8. Also having really good luck with Brown and black woolly buggers in the same size. In the right locations, the throat of the pools we have been picking up a few trout with nymphs. For now we are between hatches. I suspect this will change in about a week. As a result there is not a lot of trout feeding at any given time. We need to fish through the water quickly, cover a lot of stream. This is an excellent opportunity to scout that section of creek, which you are not too familiar with.

If you are in need of a tune up or just like to go do some fishing. I will be fishing several trout streams, some of these streams will have wild trout and some will have a little of both stocked trout and wild. We can find some fishing that will best suit you. Or If you are interested in the Atlantic Salmon , I will be making runs to the salmon river to look for the Atlantics. Feel free to give me a call. Cell 585-233-0436

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