Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We have been receiving sporadic rain fall over the last few days. As a result of our smaller creeks have started to rise slightly, this rise in water levels have been helpful. However recently we have received a few heavy thunderstorms throughout the water shed. As of writing this report all of our streams and rivers are rising rapidly. I do not have any idea how high water flow will reach, for the next few media days dry fly fishing may be out of the question. Keep in mind rapidly rising water levels will create excellent opportunities for the streamer fishing. Like always if we are willing to adjust to the given conditions, we can find excellent opportunities unique fishing.
The water temp have been in ideal conditions to get the bugs hatching. The bugs that are hatching are a size, 16 yellow mayfly known as sulphurs and a size 14 and 16 caddis. Most of the bug activity and the feeding activity is in the afternoon time frame. Often in mid-to late afternoon there can be what is a referred to as a nymph drift. This is the size 16 sulphurs nymphs dropping out of the faster water into the pools. If you can catch one of these nymph drops, you can experience some excellent nymph fishing. The other major bug that hatching is a Caddis, is an active but and the fish need to move fast if they want to eat the bugs. I would suggest using 5X tippet. You may also see gray fox and March browns.
If you can only fish in the AM, and the fish are not coming up. Try fishing with streamers and wilily buggers. Keep in mind that streamer fishing is not a high volume hook up fishing but you can find some of the bigger fish. Because most of the fish are feeding in the afternoon, you will need to fish there a lot of water to find a fish that will eat. Do not stay in one spot, move.    

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Well I guess I have to admit to the bitter fax. Steelhead season is over until this fall. I will be going to the Salmon River to look for the Atlantic salmon, for the next few weeks. I will keep up to date on what I find. Until then, I will have to kill time with dry flies and trout fishing until fall comes around. Sounds like good times to me.  What is going on with the trout fishing?
Over the last few days the weather has been colder then normal and we did get a bet of rain. Water temps has drop off, however the water flows in our local trout streams are still in good fishing levels. The Hendrickson hatch is over and so is the olive hatch, we should be seeing some caddis hatching soon. For now fishing streamers and wilily buggers is getting the job done.  For streamers, I have been using black and olive bunny flies in size 6 and 8. Also having really good luck with Brown and black woolly buggers in the same size. In the right locations, the throat of the pools we have been picking up a few trout with nymphs. For now we are between hatches. I suspect this will change in about a week. As a result there is not a lot of trout feeding at any given time. We need to fish through the water quickly, cover a lot of stream. This is an excellent opportunity to scout that section of creek, which you are not too familiar with.

If you are in need of a tune up or just like to go do some fishing. I will be fishing several trout streams, some of these streams will have wild trout and some will have a little of both stocked trout and wild. We can find some fishing that will best suit you. Or If you are interested in the Atlantic Salmon , I will be making runs to the salmon river to look for the Atlantics. Feel free to give me a call. Cell 585-233-0436

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May can be an exciting month for fishing. Everything is starting to come alive. Starting with our local trout streams, water flows and water temperatures are in ideal condition for the Hendrickson hatch. Expect to see a nymph drift somewhere around late morning, early afternoon, followed by the actual hatch early to midafternoon. The Hendrickson hatch has been going on long enough that if we have the right conditions you can also expect to see a spinner fall. Along with the Hendrickson hatch, we can now expect to see a size 16 olive hatch happening right along with the Hendrickson hatch. Do not be surprised if you notice the trout have a preference for the smaller olives. This hatch will be going on for a few more weeks. The cool spring we are having is helping to draw out the hatch.
The Steelhead fishing, as for the Lake Ontario tributaries of Western New York, the steelhead are for the most part back in the Lake. You might find a stray fish. The main activity now is on the Salmon River. Most of the Steelhead is now about dun with spawning and starting to go on the feed. I suspect we will have about 3 more weeks of productive steelhead fishing while they drop out of the river. Now is the time I call, swing season. Steelheads are done with spawning and now on the feed and looking for food. The perfect situation for swinging the pools. This is also what I refer to as a coverage game. The more water we cover the more bites we get. This is where using sinking tips two handed rods are a real advantage, if you ever thought you'd like to give a Spey Rod a try now is the time. This does not mean single hand casters cannot take full advantage of fishing, not a problem. 
I have had some days open up for first half of May. If you're interested in trying swing flies for steelhead, now is the time to do it. If you are interested please give me a call, my cell number is 585-233-0436 Also one last note, mid-May is when we have started to see the first of the of Atlantic salmon showing up in the Salmon River.