Sunday, March 10, 2013

For now the water flows for winter steelhead fishing, is on the high side on the Salmon River. The water flow is flowing at 1200 CFS plus runoff, which makes the water flow around 1450 CFS. This water flow may stay with us for some time. However we will need to keep an eye on the water flows, there is a lot of sown to melt and run off. As of now there is about 2 to 3 feet of snow along the river. The trails are packed down, so walking along the river is not an issue. Steelheads are still tricking in every day. The DSR is reporting decent fishing that means we are getting new fish daily. The steelhead is spread out there out the lower river. There is rarely a concentration of fish this time of year in this part of the river. Fish fast, cover the water and move to the next pool. The steelhead in the lower river, have not seen as much fishing pressure and are much more grabby. The upper river is where most of the fish are. This is where the bulk of the fishing pressure is. There is a lot of fish that has been sitting in this part of the river for a few months, the fish know the game. The fishing in the lower fly zone can be a on and off again deal, throw out the day. You need to stay with it throw the day. The fish will turn on and bit at some point. The western NY River and stream can use a round of high water, and that is what they got. All the smaller stream are now open and free of ice. There are fish, in these steams. They are spread out throw the streams, you need to cover water. The Oak Orchard River is still a pit high and off color. The oak should be in fishing condition in a few days. The way the weather is looking we are in for a good round of winter fishing over the next week. For flies go with egg flies in your favorite colors in size 10 to 8, black stone nymphs in 10 and 8, white wooly buggers and zonkers, in size 8 to 6.

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