Sunday, February 10, 2013

After a week a week of high water. Finally we have the water flows, that we have been needing. This week’s steelhead fishing has been plagued with tough fishing conditions. Dealing with constant changing conditions, is part of winter steelhead fishing. Western YN got about 16’’ of sown on this past round of weather. Just what we needed, the sown will help to keep the water flow up and the fish moving. Judging by the way this week’s weather forecast is looking. We may be in for a good week of fishing. Water flows are coming down to an easier fishing level. Air temp is going to be a litter warmer this coming week also. Time to get on the water. There should be fresh runs of fish in all of our river and streams. For now the only river that is open in Western NY is the Oak Orchard River. There is a run of fresh steelhead in. I suspect there will be a good number of fish spread out from the dam on down river, in all of the pools. For flies try the standard stuff. Egg flies in size 8 in fluorescent colors such as chartreuse orange. Woolly bunny are a good option, a size 6 white woolly buggers and white bunny flies in the same size is always a good choice. As the water flow drops. Down size the flies and go to natural colored egg flies. On the Salmon River the water flows finally have come down, this week. Previously the flow was 1600 CFS. Now the flow is at 285 CFS, winter minimum flow and a comfortable level for winter steelhead fishing. How long will the water flows stay this way, is a good question. We will need to keep a close watch on the flows. As for flies, try the standard stuff. Stone fly nymphs and other creepy crawlers - Nymphs like bugs in sizes 12 to 6. On days, when the sun gets on the water, do not hesitate to try swinging fly keep the flies around 2 to 3 inches long. Not: I still have plenty of days available for spring steelhead season. March into mid-May

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