Monday, January 28, 2013

I do not have a lot to repot this week. It has been very clod over the past week. Gut a lot of fly tying dune, and I gut fly tying but to show for it. We even get some sown, Western NY has get about 12 inches. Because of the clod all the small streams are frozen. For now the Oak Orchard and the Genesee is the only river free of ice. Obviously I have not been on the water this week, to bam cold. However water flows are at a good fishing level. The biggest concern will be the ice along the rivers shoreline. We do not need to take a swim this time of the year. For flies try the standard stuff. Egg flies in size 8 in fluorescent colors such as chartreuse orange. Woolly bunny are a good option, a size 6 white woolly buggers and white bunny flies in the same size is always a good choice. As the water flow drops. Down size the flies and go to natural colored egg flies. The Salmon River got buried with over 3 to 5 feet of sown depending on where you are along the river. Just what we needed, keep the sown coming, spring steelhead water. Speaking of water flow, the Salmon has been running at 1100 CFS for most of the week. The river is now on the way down to 400 CFS. So much for ramping up and ramping down, as is stated in the dam’s management license. On the up side, the 400 flow is a good flow for winter steelhead fly fishing. With all the sown along the river banks, take care when getting in and out of the river. As for flies try the standard stuff. Stone fly nymphs and other creepy crawlers - Nymphs like bugs in sizes 12 to 6. On days, when the sun gets on the water, do not hesitate to try swinging fly keep the flies around 2 to 3 inches long. Looks like this week will be warmer and I will be back on the water.

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