Sunday, January 20, 2013

A lout has happen since my last update. When we have a January thaw, like the one we recently had. These thaw can shake up the fishing, this thaw is no exception. The water flows on all of the river and streams have come up in the last few days. All in all the increase in water flow is good for the fishing. Ones the water flow settles down and the water color clear up. There should be a fresh run of fish in. This what the oak orchard river needs for the fishing back going again. For the oak orchard river to have a good winter steelhead fishing, these high water flows are important. Ones the oak comes in to fishing conditions. The most productive flies will be, egg flies in size 8 in fluorescent colors such as chartreuse orange. Woolly bunny are a good option, a size 6 white woolly buggers and white bunny flies in the same size is always a good choice. As the water flow drops. Down size the flies and go to natural colored egg flies. The January thaw has head it’s effect in the Salmon River. Water flows have been flowing at 500 CFS. Well within the comfort range for the fly fishermen. However the water flow has been recently increased to 900 CFS. This water flow will pull in new fish. How long will this water flow last, we will have to see. As for the fishing, the salmon has been fishing good for this time of the year. The lower fly zone a good amount of fish in. however this is ware moat of the fishing pressure is. I have been floating the upper river and finding fish in most of the pool. A good sine of things to come. Productive fly patterns are stone fly nymphs and other creepy crawlers - Nymphs like bugs in sizes 12 to 6. On days, when the sun gets on the water, do not hesitate to try swinging fly keep the flies around 2 to 3 inches long. By the way the weather is looking for the upcoming week. We in for some real cold winter weather. This cold snap will freeze up, all of our smaller steams. Living only the bigger river open enough to fish. Hopefully we will get more snow over the next week or two. We need the snow pack back for the spring fishing.

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