Sunday, December 29, 2013

Over the past week we have had a considerable swing in the weather. At one point there was proximately 1 an 1/2 feet of snow on the ground. Then add about 2 inches of rain, what we got is a lot of flooding. This is Just what we needed to jump start the winter fishing. The high water was contained mostly in Western New York. As of now most of our rivers and creeks are just about ready to fish. The creeks are high, but you can get on them. Concentrate your fishing efforts in the lower portion of the creeks. Fish the bigger pools, where fishing in the high water will be more effective. Be advised that even though the creeks have recently exploring a high water event, ice can still be a concern. As always keep in mind this time of year water conditions can change daily. As for the Oak Orchard River the reason round of high water has had its effect on the Oak. As of now water flows are still very high and water color is still on the muddy side. I suspect that within a few days, water levels and water clarity will improve enough that we can effectively fish. Once conditions become favorable, try fishing from the dam on down River. I suspect we will find a fresh run of steelhead with a mix of Brown trout throughout the fishable portions of the River. For productive flies, in the faster water stay with your favorite egg flies size 8 in to 12. In the slower water, try working white streamer patterns. The Browns in this part of the River have and feeding on gizzard Shad, keep the flies about 2 1/2 inches long.
The Salmon River: the recent round of wet weather did not have as big of an influence on the Salmon River watershed. Water flows were temporarily spiked to 3500 CFS for two days and then the water flows were ramped back down. As of now the water flow is at 500 CFS a very comfortable water flow for winter steelhead fishing. There is as of now good numbers of fish in the upper River. Most of the fish are concentrated in and around the lower fly zone. This is also where most of the fishing pressure is also located.

As for the mid and lower river, I have not received too many reliable reports. I would expect there is a few fish scattered down through the river. You will need to cover water to find fish. For productive flies, stay with your favorite egg patterns in sizes ranging from 8 to 12 and your favorite winter steelhead nymphs especially anything that looks like a stone fly. These patterns will be most effective in the upper River. If you are interested in trying your hand at swinging flies, keep your patterns about two and half to 3 1/2 inches long. As for the presentation think low and slow.
I am now running my winter special.  We are on the water by 9:00 am and fish until 3:00 pm. The winter special rates are 300$ for two people and 200$ for one person. That is a hundred dollar saving a day. This still includes flies, leaders, and equipment that might be needed.

Monday, December 9, 2013

I know it has been an awhile sent my last update. By the way the weather is looking winter has caught up with us. The fall fishing season has a way of coming to a sudden stop. This doesn't mean the fishing is over, just evolving. We will still have some warmer weather but for the most part I think we are now settling into a winter fishing pattern. Starting with Western New York.
 Our smaller streams and creeks are starting to ice over, making the lower sections of these waters practically on fishable at times. Fishing conditions in the small streams and creeks will have to be taken on a daily basis. There is still good numbers of brown trout in all of the rivers and creeks. There is also a study flow steelhead trickling in on a regular basis. There needs to be two adjustments in our fishing now. First is to slow down our presentation. Water temperatures are well below the 40 degree. The fish are moving slower and will need more time to look over the fly. The second adjustment is to concentrate our efforts in the deeper pools and runs. The spawning activity as pretty much shut down and the fish are now concentrated in the deeper water. As for flies we are still have the best success with egg patterns.
As for what is happening on the Salmon River. We have had several weeks of higher than normal water flows. Looks like the cold weather has helped this situation out considerably. As of now the River is flowing at 500 CFS this flow is going to stay this way for a few days. How long this flow will last is a good question. As of writing this report we are having a warming trend and some wet weather. Water flows could be increased all over the next few days. This time of the year it is a good idea to always check water levels before heading out to fish the Salmon River.          With all the high water, a lot of steelheads are in the upper river, this is also ware most of the fishing pressure is. However there is a steady flow of fish coming there the river as now. This means that we can find fish all

Throw the river. For flies we are having good success with egg flies in size 8 to 12 and nymphs in the upper river. If you like to swing flies, fish the middle and Lower River.      Keep your flies about 3 to 3.5’’ long and Stay with earth tone colored flies. Also water temperatures are now in the mid-30 Degree range.   Fish are now sliding into their water holding spots and the swing speed must be slowed down as much as possible.
I will be splitting my time between the Salmon River and the river in western NY. We will be fishing which River is fishing the best or most convenient at the time. Also it is time to start thinking about fly tying. There will be fly tying classes available at the fly shop. These classes will be starting in February if interested please feel free to call the fly shop for more details. Shop number is 585-352-4775

Friday, November 8, 2013

We been getting a lot of water in the Salmon River water shed over the last two weeks. We have been fishing in some high water and dropping water temps. This has made for some changing steelhead fishing. There are still a lot of eggs in the river and the fish are eating them, so the egg bit is still going strong. As of now the water flow is at 1850 CFS along with the run off the flow is at over 2000 CFS. Hopefully the water flows will come down and the steelhead fishing will get easier soon. I have been floating the upper and middle section of the Salmon River and finding steelhead dispersed evenly through throughout the two sections of River. All we need is for the water flows to settle back down some and the fishing will pick back up.
For now I have made the move back to Western New York. November is brown trout time. I will be concentrating on Brown trout. I will be making periodic runs back to the Salmon River as conditions and interest allow. The Western New York tributaries have received some rain over the past week. Hopefully this is enough to keep the fish moving.  For now we have good water flow in the Oka Orchard however the water color is muddy. The fishing has not been adversely affected by the water conditions. Over the last few days we have seen a push of Brown trout throughout all rivers and creeks in Western New York. For flies stay with egg patters in size 8 and 10. The egg bit is on in all the river and creeks. 
I will be fishing in Western New York for brown trout for the next few weeks. Rick will be doing the Salmon River steelhead fishing for me while I am fishing Brown trout.  This is some of the best steelhead fishing fall for the Salmon River. We have open day for salmon river steelhead fishing.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

This past week, the water flows remain consistent at 335 CFS. However, we have
recently received a good shot of rain. This rainfall was short but intense; as a
result the river had a temporary water flow spike of over 100 CFS. This jump of
water flow triggered an immediate run of salmon. Prior to that the
salmon trickled in at a steady pace.

The salmon are not as obvious as last season, but if you take the time and observe
you'll see plenty of movement. One of the differences from fishing low water
conditions that we experienced last fall. The biggest change with the salmon
fishing is in the spawning behavior of the salmon. At this time the salmon spawn
is at a peak pace. There is salmon spawning from the bottom of the river to the
top and of the fly zones. With all the spawning there is definitely a powerful
egg bite going on. I have finally been able to nail down a study pattern of flies.
Obviously egg patterns such as the nuclear roe bug and the estaz egg, in orange and chartreuse.
Other flies such as egg sucking leeches and woolly buggers with various colored hot beads are also taking a share of the fish. However
I still have to keep the size of these flies smaller than I would normally use. For
these flies a size 6 streamer hook is about the ideal size.
Another noticeable difference from last year is the fishing pressure. On the weekends
the River is extremely busy, but on weekdays the fishing pressure
is noticeably lighter. Not to say that the River is wide open,
however during the weekdays the fishing pressure is way less than I am used to
seeing during salmon season.

We are now starting to see a few steelheads show up on a daily basis. Along
with the steelhead we are also seeing a few Brown trout; this is early for Brown
trout. We are picking these fish up while fishing our favorite egg flies. Most of
the steelhead we are catching are with egg flies. The big challenge we are facing
with steelhead fishing is the sheer volume of eggs in the system. As far as I can tell
there is a lot of steelhead in for this time of year. However due to the large amount of
food we are having to work for every fish. More than anything I think this is
a presentation issue. The steelhead are so keyed in on feeding on eggs, that unless
the drift is this correct the fish will ignore the fly. So for now steelhead fishing is
more of a presentation game.

As of now I do have open dates October 29,31, steelhead time for the Salmon

 Also please keep in mind I do have other days available with two exceptional
guides that are working with me this fall. Fishing Western New York and the
Salmon River. If interested please feel free to give me a call. My cell is 585-233-0436.
Please be persistent! I am often in bad cell coverage areas, so keep trying and we will eventually

Friday, September 27, 2013

We are wall in to the salmon run this year. It is no secret that we had an early start. This week has been a little frustrating for fisherman new to salmon fishing. Unlike last year where the runs were consistently heavy and lower water flows made the fish visible, this year we are experiencing a more typical salmon season. This is not all that bad.

Water flows are still holding at 335 CFS. We have received little over an inch of rain last weekIt has been dry for a little over a week; the rain amounted to nothing more than maintenance. As for the 335 CFS water release, this is an excellent water level for salmon fishing.

High enough flow to keep the fish comfortable and moving through the river and low enough for us to easily fish.

So what does a normal salmon season look like? The salmon run pattern has been a decent trickle of fish from first light until mid-day. Some days we will see a second push of fish happening in late afternoon, however this second push of fish is not as dependable as the morning push. What I like about this is there is good fishing every day; you just need to know how to make it happen.  With these daily push of fish there is salmon spread out from one end of the river to next.

For flies and we have been using a range of patterns. The one consistency is that the salmon seem to prefer a smaller fly. Our most productive flies have been tied on size 4 wet-fly hooks. Green butt black bears and comets all seem to be working at any given time. I have also noted that a presentation with more of a dead drift is producing more fish this fall. Small woolly buggers tied on size 6 streamer hooks and at times I have been tying on size 4 wet-fly hooks. As for colors the standard black, brown and olive are all taking their share of fish.


I currently have open dates October 27, 28,29,30,31steelhead time for the Salmon River,November 26, 27, Brown trout time.

Also please keep in mind I do have other days available with two exceptional guides that are working with me this fall. Interested please feel free to give me a call, cell is 585-233-0436 please be persistent I am often in bad cell coverage. Keep trying we will eventually connect.

Friday, September 13, 2013

This past week has been a very interesting week to fish for salmon, on the Salmon River. Most days we were experiencing strong morning runs of fish. This is nothing unusual for mid to late September, not early September. What makes these runs even more special in my mind is that all of the salmon are wild fish. We have not seen a single hatchery fish. All of the hatchery released fish in this year class of salmon have their adipose fin clipped. Also what has been getting my attention is that the sizes of the fish are averaging several pounds heavier this fall. I contribute this to a strong forage base out in the lake. We are off to a good start to the salmon run.
Water flows for this fall have been excellent. Normally the objective is to maintain a minimum water flow release of 335 CFS. This has been the case so far this month we had consistent water flows. It is good to see the Salmon River with good water flows once again, unlike last fall.
The run beaver of the salmon is of a more normal pattern. We will see good fish movement on the morning and tapering off some time, around mid-day. As for flies the standard woolly buggers in sizes 4 and 6 are doing the job. However I have been getting better results with smaller flies.  I have been using a variety of wet flies tied in size 4 and 6. Green but black bears and variations of the silver Hilton are two excellent example.
The biggest challenge over the last couple of days has been the weather. We had a short period of extremely hot weather. As you can imagine water temperatures took a massive upward spike. The temperature spike was over 10°, water temperatures went from 62° all the way up to 74°. With water temperature spikes like that even the early morning fishing became a real challenge. Fortunately the

Weather patterns have changed and cooler weather is here and water temperatures are responding accordingly.
As of now I do have open dates available for September these days are September 21 and 22 this is prime salmon time. October 27, 28,29,30,31 prime steelhead time for the Salmon River. November 26, 27, brown trout time.
 Also please keep in mind I do have other days available with two exceptional guides that are working with me this fall. Interested please feel free to give me a call, cell is 585-233-0436 please be persistent I am often in bad cell coverage keep trying we will eventually connect.