Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Water flows in all of the western NY Rivers. For now we have water being released from the canal. This water release is only temporary, and we will be out of water in a few days. Ones the water runs out the fishing in western NY, will be over. No water – No fish – No fishing, there has not been more then 1 ½ of rain in the past month. This does not help to keep the river in good fishing condition. It will take a lot of wet weather and we do not have that in the upcoming weather forecast. As I said be for the fishing will be done in western NY for some time to come. The only exception will be the Genesee River, this river fishes the best when we are in a drought. Hopefully we will get the rain we need soon, and we can get back to fishing our rivers. Until then, I will be back fishing the Salmon River. As for the Salmon River, the water flows are in good shape. For now the flow is at 750 CFS, how long the water will stay at this level is hard to say. Over the last week the Salmon River got over foot of snow. By the week end the snow melted and ran off, and water temps evened out. There is steelhead spread out throughout the river. As usual the bulk of the steelhead are in upper river. Also this is where most of the fishing pressure. There has been a few big brown trout being caught in the lower fly zone. Because the water flow has been so stable the egg bit has been off. We have been getting our bite with stone fly nymphs and other creepy crawlers - Nymphs like bugs in sizes 12 to 6. We have been fishing for the steelheads in the upper river as if it was late winter. The steelheads in the lower river are more active but they are more spread out. These fish will go for a swinging fly. Keep the flies around 2 to 3 inches long and cover as much water as you can. Do not expect to find a concentration of fish in one pool. Often there is a fish or tow that is in a biting mood in a pool. Fish there the pool, if you see signs of fish, do it again. I have open dates for the month of December and January. We will be fishing the Western New York tributaries for Lake run Brown trout and steelhead and the Salmon River for steelhead. Also keep in mind that one of my guides will be available to do Salmon River trips. Rick is an outstanding fly fishing guide. Please feel free to call the fly shop and talk to Carl the number is 585-352-4775 or my cell at 585-233-0436

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