Sunday, November 25, 2012

I know it has been a while since my last update. The only excuse I can give you is that I've been fishing a lot lately. For me November is Brown trout time. I have been concentrating my fishing efforts on the tributaries of Western New York. For those of you that know Western New York is where the best Brown trout fishing is located. We can find a few browns and all of Lake Ontario's tributaries. However for some reason the Brown trout prefer the tributaries of Western New York. The Brown trout fishing over the past couple of weeks has been better than average. Some days we had to work harder for fish than other days, but that is normal for anywhere you fish. The bulk of the Brown trout are now in all of their perspective streams and creeks. Even though, for now, I see at least another two weeks of good of fishing to be had. However this is all dependent on whether conditions. Once again my big concern is water flow. Our last decent rainfall was hurricane Sandy. We received approximately an inch and a half of rainfall for Western New York, not much considering how dry everything is. Ones again, we need rain. As of now we have a mix of Brown trout that are actively spawning and browns that are through with spawning. Each group needs to be fish to a little differently. The Brown trout that are actively spawning, will be located on the gravel beds in fast moving water. We will be able to spot and then fish, directly to individual fish. Brown trout that are through the spawning will be located in all of the cuts, pockets, pools. With their spawning duties out-of-the-way these Brown trout are interested in one thing, eating. If there is any spawned out Brown trout around and they are interested in eating, you'll find out quickly. My most productive flies have been orange and Oregon cheese nuclear row bugs in size 8. Now that there is Brown trout finished with spawning and more interested in eating. I will be adding a size 6 white woolly buggers and white bunny flies in the same size. The salmon River; even though I have not been actively fishing the salmon River recently I do know the steelhead fishing has been on and off again, situation. I suspect a lot of this has to do with water temperature fluctuations. When the water temperature is fluctuating more than two or 3 degrees a day the steelhead fishing can shut down. However there is plenty of steelhead spread out from one end of the Salmon River to the other end, on days when water temperatures are warming, the steelhead fishing has been very good. Unfortunately recently this has not always been the case. Also water flows have remained very stable, as of now the water flow is at 335 CFS. I suspect it will most likely stay this way for some time to come. With the stable water flows, consider fishing larger nymphs such as black stonefly nymphs, along with your favorite egg patterns. As always when the fishing gets tough cover as much water as possible. Just because fish are not cooperative in one spot does not always mean they will not bite in another location. I have open dates for the month of December. will be fishing the Western New York tributaries for Lake run Brown trout and steelhead and the salmon River for steelhead. Also keep in mind that one of my guides will be available to do Salmon River trips also through the month of December. Rick is an outstanding fly fishing guide. Please feel free to call the fly shop and talk to Carl the number is 585-352-4775 or my cell at 585-233-0436