Monday, October 15, 2012

Release The Hounds (Water)

The big news is that we finally got an increase in the water flow. At least for now, we will be having a water flow of 285 CFS. We've also had a sharp drop in water temperatures. I have recorded water temperatures as low as 44 degrees. This is quite cold for this time a year. Water temperatures have typically been right in the mid-50 degree range.

The massive salmon run that we have enjoyed over the last few weeks is finally starting to slow down. Right on schedule. However this is not to say that there's not a lot of salmon spread out through the entire river. We will definitely be seeing small runs of Chinook salmon for the next couple of weeks. The same woolly bugger program is still producing all the salmon we need to catch. With all the spawning that's been going on, now we can add egg flies to the mix.

It is now becoming steelhead season. Right now the biggest challenge in the steelhead fishing is working around all the spawning salmon. My favorite comment for this time of the year is that we are fishing around the 20 pound fish to the 10 pound fish. The increase in water flow has had a terrific effect on the steelhead fishing. First the increase in water flow is pulling fish in front of the Lake, new fish are constantly on the run. At the same time with all the salmon spawning from one end of the river to the other end. The increase in water flow has created a massive egg drift. You guessed it, big-time egg bite. The steelheads are keyed in on all the stray salmon eggs in the river. Over the last few days our most productive flies have been, orange nuclear roe bugs. We're also catching fish with a variety of estaz egg patterns, all in a size 8.

I have no more dates available for the month of October. Thank you everyone!
Open dates for November are: 23,24,25,27,28,29,30. The November dates will be fishing the Western New York tributaries for Lake run Brown trout and steelhead. Also keep in mind that one of my guides will be available to do Salmon River trips also through the month of November. Rick is an outstanding fly fishing guide. Please feel free to call the fly shop and talk to Carl. The number is 585-352-4775 or my cell at 585-233-0436

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