Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Salmon River has received heavy runs of salmon early this week. Monday of 9/10 the salmon were coming into the DSR so heavy that it looked like a cattle drive. The intensity of the run lasted for the entire day. All of the pools in the DSR were so full of salmon that they were practically on fishable. You could not make a clean draft through the pool. On Tuesday 9/11 the salmon did not disappoint. The fish continued to move through the DSR for most of the day. I have personally been fishing the Salmon River since the mid-80s. I have rarely seen salmon move with such intensity for as long as they did. The amazing part of all of this is that this happened with river conditions not ideal for heavy runs of salmon. The water flows have not moved, hopefully the water flow will stay at the 185 CFS it has been flowing at. The rainfall that was predicted for the weekend did not mount too much. Hopefully the water flows will not be needed to be reduced. Despite the intensities of the recent salmon runs. Water temperatures are still a little high for the salmon to comfortably run the river. The water temperatures have been fluctuating between a low of 67 degrees to high temperature of 72 degrees. Obviously the coolest water temperatures are going to be during the morning. This is when we have been having our best fishing. The most productive flies for us have been black, olive, black and silver bead headed woolly buggers in size 6. Bake black stone flies have been taken a few fish also. The salmon have been touchy about the presentation. Lately the salmon like the flies presented, more of a dead draft, then on the swing. Fishing tip: The salmon have not been all that grabby yet at times. My best guess is that river conditions, low water flows and warm water temperatures, can affecting the aggressiveness of the fish. This is nothing new for early-season salmon fishing. Once again good fishermen know how to adjust. As the old saying goes, if it is not working try something else. In this case if one style of presentation is not producing, do not hesitate to try another style of presentation. Often we need to do more than just keep changing flies. Often when fish do not want to take, you need to change the whole approach. Such as switching from swinging flies, to dead drifting flies to the fish. Keep in mind just like river conditions that can and do change quickly, so does the mood of the fish. I still have prime dates available for both September and October. A few dates that I have still available for mid to late September is, 23, 24, 28, 30. If you are interested in early salmon fishing please give me a call and we will discuss what is going on in real time. The fly shop number is 585-352-4775 my cell is 585-233-0436

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