Saturday, September 15, 2012

The salmon fishing has been consistent all week. Salmon continue to enter the river almost on a daily basis. The last few days, warmer afternoon temperatures have warmed water temperature enough to slow the fish movement down. However for the most part this has been easily remedy, by just adjusting to the type of water that you are fishing. With the low water flows that we are having, the salmon are moving through the river much slower than normal. The bulk of the salmon have reached Pineville, in the upper river over the last few days. This means we now have salmon spread out from one end of the river to the other. We no longer have to concentrate all of our efforts and the lower river. River conditions have not changed much over the past week. Water temperatures have remained warm. Hopefully this coming week we will have cooler weather and cooler water temperatures. There's also some rain in the forecast hopefully the rain will give us a little help in the water department. We're still experiencing our best fishing is from first light to late morning. Looks like we will still need to get out of bed and get on the river early in the morning. The most productive flies for us have been black, olive, black and silver bead headed woolly buggers in size 6. Bake black stone flies have been taken a few fish also. The salmon have been touchy about the presentation. Lately the salmon like the flies presented, more of a dead draft, then on the swing. Fishing Tip: With the low water conditions such as we are experiencing on the Salmon River. Pocket water fishing can be very productive. Look for the deeper pockets in the area that you're fishing, the darker looking water. Also if the pocket water has broken water flowing over the spot, it can be even more productive. These little pockets with overhead cover are where you will find your best biting fish. Don't bother fishing the pools in this water flow, the salmon often feel exposed and are too nervous to bite. I still have prime dates available for both September and October. A few dates that I have still available for mid to late September is, 23, 28, 30. If you are interested in early salmon fishing please give me a call and we will discuss what is going on in real time. The fly shop number is 585-352-4775 my cell is 585-233-0436

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