Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A lot has happened over the last few days. To start with, we got some rain finally. The reports I'm getting is that the Salmon River watershed received a touch over 3 inches of rainfall. Normally this would cause a large water flow release. However we have been so dry for so long that this rainfall is more than likely just good maintenance. Reservoir levels are so low that we may indeed another round of rainfall just like what we received. The rumors that I was receiving from the Lake fishermen about the salmon fishing, being the best they seen in 20 years just may be true. I finished the DSR on the morning of September 4. While there I experienced a run of salmon that lasted for most of the day. This run of salmon I would rate as very good for the month of October. When I take into consideration river conditions low-water flows, 185 CFS and water temperatures of 70 decreases I would have to rate this run as incredible. Normally for this time of the year I would expect to see a dozen or so fish trying to move through the river. This particular run was not unusual for this fall, salmon ran as well the day before. We may be looking at an earlier start to the salmon run that I originally anticipated. For now because of warm water temperatures in low-water flows concentrate your fishing efforts from first light too late morning. You want to take advantage of the cooler morning water temperatures. Look for salmon from the ballpark section of the river which is located just upstream of town, down river to the estuary. Have not seen or heard of any salmon above the ballpark section of the river yet. Despite all of this I still suspect the salmon fishing to be a little spotty for the next couple of weeks. However the best part of fishing this time of the year is that you often have the entire river to yourself. This is my favorite time to fish for salmon. There's a few salmon around to make it interesting and hardly anybody in your way. Apparently this fall will be no different and we do have fish. As for us every fall has its challenges it looks like the challenge for this fall is low water. We have seen this before, all we need to do is apply the lessons that we learned from the drought of 07. The salmon will run the river in 185 CFS water flows. We already know that the Atlantic salmon don't mind this water flow nor will the Chinook salmon. The only big different is that it will take the salmon longer to negotiate the river. This will give us more fishing opportunities before the salmon make the hatchery or the sanctuary water. We also have to keep in mind that in low-water the normal holding water may not be as productive. Once again time to apply the lessons from 07. A few final notes: The conservation Department will be constantly monitoring the conditions. Once conditions change so will the water flow restrictions be adjust. Anyone that is a veteran of fishing the tributaries knows conditions can and do change quickly. Part of being a skilled fishermen, is knowing how to adjust to any given condition in any given day. We've seen low water conditions before and have done well fishing in these conditions. But it never hurts to pray for rain. Over the next few weeks I will be posting a few fishing tips for fishing and low-water with my regular reports. I still have prime dates available for both September and October. A few dates that I have still available for mid to late September is 16, 17, 23, 24, 26, 28, 30. If you are interested in early salmon fishing please give me a call and we will discuss what is going on in real time. Feel free to give a call and discuss what's going on and what is available. Shop number is 585-352-4775 my cell is 585-233-0436

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