Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The trout fishing has not changed at all over the last week. The little bite of rain we did get is just making the grass green and that is about all. The good news is that if we need to mow the lawn we will not mist any good trout fishing. Keep the good rain vibes going; we are going to need the water next month. When the salmon start there fun. If the fishing is half as good as the lake fishermen say it is. We are in for a very good fun of salmon starting next month. Other interesting developments, I made a run up to the Salmon River last week. I had a look at the river improvement work that was done to lower fly zone, on the cemetery pool. The improvements and the work is first rate. The banks have definitely been stabilized access has been improved, there's no doubt the fish are going to utilize the pool even more now. Within the last three days, morning water temperatures have finally dipped below 70°. A few salmon have been caught just outside the mouth of the Salmon river. I know these are just strays, but judging from experience I have a strong indication that we will probably see a good run of early salmon. Yes we do need rain and lots of it and the water temperature is warm. But I don't think it will take much this fall to trigger an early run. Other developments, the new raft from outcast has arrived. With this raft we will be able to access more of the Salmon River in low water flows. A situation that we may be facing this fall, keep in mind, for us fly fisherman low water flows can be an advantage for us. The salmon will run and with this new boat we will be able to access more the river and escape more of fishing pressure. Not: It is time to start planning your fall fishing trips. I still have prime dates available. Feel free to give a call and discuss what's going on and what is available. Shop number is 585-352-4775 my cell is 585-233-0436

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