Monday, August 6, 2012

Fall Newsletter 2012

It may be a little hard to think about the fall fishing, but fall will be on us soon enough. There is a lot going on this fall. First, I am adding a new boat to the fleet, if you want to call it. That, is a 13’ raft from Outcast boat Co. With this raft, we will be able to float the middle section of the Salmon River in lower water flows. With the two boats we will be able to float the middle of the Salmon River in a wide range of water flows. This will give us another option for this fall. We are seeing the benefits from the warm winter we've just experienced. Wintertime water temperatures in the Lake never cooled off. As result, the fish had an extended growing season. The Lake fishermen have been reporting outstanding fishing and catching Chinook salmon over 30 pounds since late May. This is highly unusual as we normally do not see salmon this large until late July or early August. Obviously, this is the result of the extended growing season on the Lake this year. The way things are looking, we are going to see a good run of salmon and there are going to be some big boys on the run this fall. I suspect we will see a few larger steelhead and Brown trout this fall due to the extended growing season in the Lake. The report that I'm receiving from the Lake on the steelhead fishing is very encouraging. However, because the salmon fishing has been so productive, many Lake fishermen have not been targeting the steelhead. This is good news for us, less fishing pressure on the steelhead in the Lake, generally means more fish to run the rivers. Fall is when the steelheads are at their best, chrome bright, fresh from the lake and full of fight. The reports that I have been receiving on the brown trout are encouraging. We may be seeing some very large browns this fall. Earlier this summer when the Lake fishermen were concentrating on the Brown trout, the fish were averaging larger than normal. We definitely have the potential for another great fall run of Brown trout. My biggest concern, as of now, has to do with our ongoing drought. We are going to need a lot of rain this fall. We have more wet Novembers than not. When it comes to Brown Trout fishing, rain is always good. As many of you know I will be starting my fall fishing schedule on the Salmon River in September. Then, in November I will be moving back to Western New York to finish up the fall fishing season. This season I intend to start fishing the Salmon River in early September, so we can take advantage of the Atlantic salmon fishers. Those of you who are aware this is a new fishery. September we are seeing Atlantic salmon showing almost daily. By mid-September the Chinook run is normally under way. At this point, our primary target will be Chinook and Coho salmon. Here is how my fishing schedule for the rivers and fish I'll be fishing for this fall. As many of you know, the schedule is based on where and when the fish are running. I try to stay in the best fishing I can find. Starting with the Salmon River Early September to mid-September fishing for: Atlantic salmon Mid-September to mid-October fishing for Chinook and Coho salmon Mid-October to November steelhead fishing November- I am back fishing in western New York. Fishing for brown trout and steelhead later in the month. However, I do occasionally make trips back to the salmon rivers, from November throughout the winter depending on fishing conditions and the convenience for traveling fishermen. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. My cell number is 585- 233-0436 or feel free to call the fly shop and talk to Carl. The shop number is 585-352-4775 Jay Peck

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