Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The prolonged dry weather and hot summer heat, has not helping the trout fishing. All of our trout streams are dreadfully low. We need to use extreme care in both our approach to fishing the creeks and how we handle the fish. Keep in mind not only is the water low but temperatures are warm. It is easy to stress the fish. On a brighter note to form for this season, two weeks ahead of schedule and we got Trico’s. This is a size 20 black-and-white mayfly. These mayflies are an early morning hatch, so early in the morning, that some mornings it still dark when the bugs come off. We take advantage of this hatch, when the mayflies are coming back as spinners. The spinner fall also happens first thing in the morning. Plan on being on the water around 6:30 am and fish until mid-morning. It is still early in the Trico hatch. Expect the bug activity and the fish feeding activity to be spotty for another week. Once the bugs and the fish get going this can be an excellent hatch for the dry fly fisherman. Along with the Trico hatch it is also aunt and beetle time. Even though it may not see a lot of these bugs on the water, they are constantly falling into the creeks and being available for the trout to feed on. Nothing else is going on fish and ants and beetles can be a great option. For the ants, keep these flies in the size 20 to a size 16, for the Beatles size 16 and 14 are a good choice. Note I am still offering my summer hatch special. Now it will be fishing the morning Trico hatch. If interested call for details on cell number is 585-233-0436. Also it is getting time to start thinking about your fall fishing trips. Make sure you get the prime dates that you want for this fall.

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