Monday, July 16, 2012

I have once again been away doing a little fishing. This time it is to Florida for a few days of tarpon fishing. There is nothing easy about fishing for tarpon. However I did manage to bring one to the boat. The measurements on the fish are 64 inches in length with a 34 1/2 inch girth. This gives the tarpon an estimated weight of 110 pounds. It took me 30 min. of intense pulling with a 9 foot 12 weight Rod to bring the fish to the boat. I have yet to figure out how to describe how hard I was pulling on this fish. Other than saying that I was: pulling on this fish like a pissed off farm boy: polling on old cow. I also posted a few other photographs besides the tarpon. A nice sea trout and a lady fish both a lot of fun to catch. The local trout fishing, I have not been on our local waters over the past week. What I can tell you is we need rain. This is no news to anybody. Water flows are terribly low as result that trout are extremely spooky. Your best fishing is going to be first thing in the morning. Because of the low water flows once the sun gets on the water the trout will head for cover. Here are a couple tips to help you deal with these conditions. The first may seem pretty obvious, but a lot of people seem to neglect these steps. Dress in earth tone colors, so you blend into the background vegetation. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep you waiting to minimal, when you do wade, trend extremely softly. Keep in mind we have been picking on these fish since April. They know the game. One trick I use when fishing The Trico hatch, is to learn where the various pods of trout are feeding. Once I do this I will set up in these locations before the Trico spinners fall on the water and the trout start to feed. If you are there before the fish move in, they will think you are part of the pool. It is still important to keep your movement to a minimum though.

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