Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hear is a few photo from the Matapedia River. Yes I have been missing in action lately. I actually went on a fishing trip for myself. Had an opportunity to go fishing for Atlantic salmon at the Matapedia River. Thanks Jeff for everything, as always great fishing with you. Great River, awesome time, and even learned a little bit about fishing for Atlantic salmon. As for the local trout fishing, the hot weather is taking its toll. The sulfur hatch on all of the creeks are quickly winding down. However the same hatch on Spring brook is ticking along. Starting with oatka Creek. The sulfur hatch is finally starting to wind down. Right at dark, there is light hatch of sulfurous followed by a moderate spinner return. With the reduced amount of bugs, the fishing has actually improved. Our flies are no longer getting lost in the mass of bugs. With the end of the sulfur hatch quickly approaching, try fishing ants and beetles. The warm weather gets these bugs moving and falling into the water. Trout seem to have an affliction towards eating ants. The size 18 or 16 black or cinnamon colored ant can often pull trout up. We are seeing the morning fishing picking up. The morning time fishing will consist of mostly fishing with nymph and buggers. Keep the buggers to size 10 and 8, as for then nymphs I seem to do best fishing size 14 hares ears, pink scuds, or anything about that size that looks kind of buggy. This time of the year I do a lot of experimenting with my morning nymph fishing. Spring brook is where we are seeing our best dry fly fishing. The sulfur hatch will continue for a couple more weeks. Also the midge fishing will continue here for the rest of the summer. Note: We are offering a hatch special, this is fishing for local trout streams during the actual hatch time. The outing is generally for four hours, this will take us through an evening hatch and spinner fall. This is a great opportunity to fine-tune dry fly or nymph fishing skills.

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