Sunday, May 6, 2012

It has been a while since my last update and a lot has happened. I am now making the transition from steelhead fishing to trout fishing. This doesn't mean that the steelhead fishing is over. There is still enough steelhead hanging out in the Salmon River to make it worthwhile fishing. The best part of this is that there is practically no fishing pressure. Also this is the time when the Atlantic salmon start there run. I have already had reports of a couple Atlantic salmon being caught in the DSR. For now the water levels in the Salmon River are running higher than normal. At this time the Salmon River is flowing at 900 CFS plus runoff. If we continue to get more rain over the next couple of days we could see even higher water flows. The good news is behind this we should be off to a good start fishing for Atlantic salmon. Along with the Atlantic salmon fishing the Salmon River has also been offering some decent dry fly trout fishing the last couple of years. In fact we have seen some nice trout rising in some of our favorite trout fishing locations. The Salmon River over last few years has seen great mayfly and caddis hatches. Hopefully we'll see this new trout fishing opportunity continue to grow. Now for the trout fishing. We had a great run with the Hendrickson hatch. In fact when the conditions are right we can still see some Hendrickson spinner returns in the evening. As for now look for blue wing olives hatching, this may fly is a size 16. Along with the olives, if it's not happening now, any day we could also see a light caddis hatching, these caddis range in size from 14 to16. You can expect to see these bugs hatching on all of our trout streams. As for the water flows, the recent thunderstorms did cause water flows to increase however everything is dropping back into ideal fishing conditions. I know my updates have been little slow the spring. Hopefully I can pick the pace up with my updates. For more timely information go to my Facebook.

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