Friday, April 20, 2012

It may not feel like it, but the steelhead fishing is still going on. Water flows on the Salmon River is still flowing at 285CFS. We need rain. Despite the low water flows I am able to drift the river with my new drift boat without much trouble. Covering a lot of water has now become the name of the game. I am now seeing very little spawning activity. Even though, for now there is still a good number of fish holding in the upper fly fishing zone. Water temps have warmed up, in the last few days. Into the upper 40s to the low 50 –degree range. The warmer water temperatures have help to get the fish interested in chasing a swing fly. I have also been seen large numbers of baby Chinook salmon all through the river. These little fish are a main source of food for both the steelhead and the resident Brown trout. When it gets right down to it the feeding frenzy is getting under way. Hopefully we will be able to take full advantage of the opportunity. Lately the productive flies have been stonefly nymphs, black and silver woolly buggers, and recently the copper brown woolly bugger is starting to take hold. Hopefully I can improve upon my baby Chinook salmon fly. We can always use another high producing fly pattern in our box. All of the area trout streams are in good fishing condition. There is still Hendrickson hatching with good spinner returns in the evenings when conditions are favorable. Keep in mind, for mayfly spinners to return air temperatures must be above 60 degrees with calm wind conditions. When you have these conditions you can count on a spinner fall at dusk. Along with the Hendrickson's there's also a blue wing Olive hatch going on at the same time. If the fish are not eating the big bugs, then fish a size 16 Olive. As of now I would have to say the hatches on our trout streams are running approximately 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Time will tell if the schedule continues. As for the Salmon River, it is looking like there will still be decent numbers of steelhead around for the month of May. At the very worst, the bugs will be hatching and the resident Brown trout will be on the feed. Over the past few springs we've also seen the front end of our Atlantic salmon run. Early to mid-May in the Salmon River has become an interesting time to fish. As of now I am scheduled to be on the Salmon River until early May. If interested in experiencing some of this fishing please feel free to give me a call my cell number is 585-233-0436 Note: I have finally done it. I now have a Facebook account. I have a bad habit of slowly adapting modern technology. I will be using Facebook for more daily updates and whatever's.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Been fishing the Salmon River for steelhead over the past week. True to form for steelhead fishing, the fishing has been at times a little challenge. Earlier in the week the fish went into a serious funk. Water temperatures were steadily dropping over three days. The temperature drop was so severe that it actually shut down the spawning activity, and the fish dropped back in to the pools. During this three-day temperature drop, water flows dropped off from 500 CFS to 285 CFS. This water drop certainly didn't help the steelheads mood. As you can imagine this started a lot or rumors about what's going on with the steelhead fishing on the Salmon River. Typical of spring steelhead fishing conditions can and do change quickly. Water temperatures stabilized, the steelhead acclimated to the change in water flow and the fishing picked back up. Over the past week I have observed a lot of steelheads still holding in the upper fly fishing zone and a steady flow of fish through the lower fly fishing zone. Also the upper portion of the open River is also holding a decent number of fish. I fish the lower river in the DSR and did well despite the cold water temp we head that morning. As of now there is a lot of fish in the Salmon River. However you have to fish smart. Water flows and temperature swing, are having a big impact in the steelheads behavior. This is the main reason why a lot of fishermen are experiencing tough fishing. Productive flies have been black stonefly nymphs in size 10 to 6, black woolly buggers in size 6. These two patterns have been taking the majority of our fish. A size 4 black copper woolly bugger is starting to take its share of fish. This pattern has been most effective in the lower river, were most of the drop back steelheads have been hanging out.
The local trout streams in Western New York, time to go fishing. We are seeing midday Hendrickson hatches on practically all of our trout streams. Water flows are at excellent fishing level especially for dry fly fishing. This is turning out to be a great spring for fishing the Hendrickson hatch. There is not much to say about the trout fishing, other than go fishing. Do not forget to follow me no face book.
I do have time available throughout the month of April and in to may. This is for steelhead fishing on the Salmon River. If you have any questions about fishing the Salmon River or are interested in some of my available time please feel free to give me a call on my cell, number is 585-233-0436 or you can call the fly shop and talk to Carl the number for the shop is 585-352-4775