Monday, March 26, 2012

Water flows in all of the rivers and creeks in Western New York have dropped off significantly. Also water temperatures have warmed sharply. As result of large portion of steelhead have already come, spawned and left. With a few exceptions the Genesee River should come in to fishing condition within this coming week. This river may be an excellent option for steelhead fishing the rest of the spring. Also Oak Orchard River is still holding more steelhead than originally anticipated, giving the river conditions. Depending on which piece of water you are on. Water temperatures can range from the mid 50 decrease to the mid-60 decrease range. However this coming week we're supposed to have more seasonable weather. The cooler weather should cool off the water temperatures and slow down the spawning pace. However I do not think the steelhead fishing is going to last much longer, outside the Genesee River. For flies, Do to the low water, we have had to step down in the size of our flies, and lengthen the distance of our cast. Standard adjustments for low-water steelhead fishing.
The steelhead fishing on the Salmon River is just picking up; yes the fishing is running about two weeks ahead of schedule. Judging by the weather forecast for the upcoming week, I do not expect conditions to change much. Water temperatures have been fluctuating from as cold as 38 degrees in the upper River to 41 degrees in the lower river. At these temperatures the steelhead are not going to spawn out too quickly. With the cooler weather coming in the pace of the spawning will most likely slow down. Water flows have been reduced from 1800 CFS to 1500 CFS; we will have to keep an eye on the water flows. I do like the higher water flows this time of the year for steelhead fishing, 1500 CFS is not a bad flow for us fly fisherman. Keep in mind the best fishing is not always in the deep pools. It is spawning time and we are looking for active fish in the back channels and on gravel bars. Higher water flows make these locations ideal spawning habitat and will concentrate the fish. Productive flies have been black Willie buggers in sizes 6 and 4 also big black stoneflies, we've been using these stonefly nymph as big a size 6. With the warming water temperatures and spawning activity, steelheads is definitely going to be interested in chasing swing a fly. It is time to break out our favorite intruder patterns and put them to work.
I do have time available throughout the month of April. This is for steelhead fishing on the Salmon River. If you have any questions about fishing the Salmon River or are interested in some of my available time please feel free to give me a call on my cell, number is 585-233-0436 or you can call the fly shop and talk to Carl the number for the shop is 585-352-4775

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