Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do to the lack of snow in western New York. The March sun is having a strong impact on water temperatures. We have see water temperatures increase is much as 5 to 7 degrees this week alone. These water temperature spikes have certainly given us a jumpstart to the spring steelhead season. As of now water temperatures are holding the low 40 degree range. Obviously these water temperatures can and will be changing daily. Along with improving water temperatures, water flows are at or close to ideal, when it comes to spring steelhead fishing. This includes Oak Orchard River and all of the surrounding area creeks. The biggest factor to keep in mind is that spring time fishing conditions can and do change fast. The rainfall that we get last week did not impact water flows too significantly. Judging by the way the weather is looking. The biggest changed over the next few days is going to be water temperature. This change is going to be significant. The way to long-term weather forecast is looking. I suspect our steelhead fishing is going to peak within the next few days. Unfortunately this spring steelhead fishing is running 2 to 3 weeks ahead of schedule. I suspect the steelhead fishing for Oak Orchard River in western New York tributaries is going to be over by the first of April, way earlier than normal. With the warming water temperatures steelheads are going to react to this by moving out of the pools and onto the gravel beds to attempt to spawn. With this change in behavior it is time to expand the fly box. Woolly buggers, Bonnie leeches, streamers are going to become more effective now
There is approximately a 2 to 3 weeks difference in the timing of the fishing between the Salmon River and the rivers of Western New York such as Oak Orchard River. The Western New York rivers steelhead fishing will peak before the Salmon Rivers steelhead fishing. This spring there is no snow melt to run off, so I suspect the timing between the two watersheds to be closer than normal to each other. Water flows have settled back down to 500 CFS over the past week. However water flows have been increased to 900 CFS. Looks like the Salmon River watershed received a little more rain and snow than we did in western New York. Here to water temperatures are warming quickly due to the lack of snow runoff. Water temperature over the weekend reach the magic 40° mark. At this temperature spawning activity has started. On days when the sun gets on the water and the water temps start go up, swing a fly can trigger a hard poll. It is getting time to break out your favorite swinging flies and have at it. Also at this time of the year, there are heavy hatches of stoneflies, happening throughout the entire length of the Salmon River. With all of this bugs crowing around, the fish are definitely feeding on the stoneflies. Fish a black stonefly nymph in size 10 to an 8.
I still have prime dates available for this spring. This includes late March in to early April, steelhead fishing on the Oak Orchard river. Mid April into, mid-May on the Salmon River. Keep in mind if you're planning a trip to the Western New York tributaries everything is running two weeks early, you need to make your plans now. As for the Salmon River everything is two weeks ahead of schedule for this watershed also. However I suspect that the drop back steelhead fishing should hold up into late spring. If you have any questions fell free to call the shop and talk to Carl, the phone number is 585-352-4775. Or you can call my cell is 585-233-0436

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