Sunday, March 18, 2012

As you can imagine the steelhead fishing continues running ahead of schedule. The biggest concern for the Western New York State tributaries is the lack of water flow. The long-term weather forecast is for warm dry spring like weather. No real help on the way. Looks like we will have to use our low-water steelhead fishing skills this spring. One thing is for sure the water temperature is going to be steadily rising. Right now the Oak Orchard River is running around 44 degrees. The smaller creeks and streams are running approximately 10 degrees warmer. Despite the low water flows, we have been able to find decent numbers of fish lately. It often takes a little persistence and patience. Look for spawning fish in the fastest flowing water that is available. Do not overlook any potential spots where a fish can find little depth and overhead cover. When fishing low-water conditions, the fish are often spread out all through the river system. I often preach the value of covering a lot of water when fishing, looks like this spring is going to be a prime example. For productive flies: we're still using our favorite spring steelhead flies, however at times we need to pare it down a little do to water conditions.
The fishing in the Salmon River is moving along at the same fast pace. Water flows are at 1200 CFS for now. Judging by the way the weather forecast is looking; I suspect water flows will be dropping this coming week. Water temperatures have been warming quickly. Water temperatures are already reaching the magic 40 degree mark and no doubt the water temperatures will, continue to warm throughout the coming week. As you can imagine the steelhead spawning activity has taken off. Expect to find spawning fish anywhere you find good spawning habitat. As you would expect most of the spawning activity can be found in the upper river. With the warming water temperatures and spawning activity, steelheads is definitely going to be interested in chasing swing a fly. It is time to break out our favorite intruder patterns and put them to work. Also with the spawning activity, there are fresh eggs in the system. Egg patens are going to become more effective on a consistent basis, keep your egg flies between sizes 8 to size 12. Also don't forget when in doubt, fish a stonefly nymph, keep you stonefly nymphs between size 12 to 6 and of course black is the best color.
I still have prime dates available for this spring steelhead fishing. This includes late March in to early April, steelhead fishing on the Oak Orchard river. Mid April into, mid-May on the Salmon River. If you have any questions fell free to call the shop and talk to Carl, the phone number is 585-352-4775. Or you can call my cell is 585-233-0436

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