Saturday, February 25, 2012

This winter seem to be the never ending month of March. The steelhead fishing seems to be going the same way. Fluctuating water flows and water temperatures keep the steelhead fishing a challenge. The Oak Orchard River has been in good fishing condition over the past week. As result the Oak has also been producing fish on a steady basis. Water flows have increased sharply with the recent rainfall. Also watercolor has deteriorated considerably. However I do not think this will bother the fishing for too long. As for now concentrate your efforts in the pools from the damp on down to the estuary water. Do not invest your whole day in one spot at this point it will pay to move around and fish a lot of water. The Western New York smaller streams and creeks are free of ice. Depending on the Creeks, water flows have increased to the point that the smaller streams and creeks are temporarily on fishable. However true to the nature the smaller waters they should be back at fishable condition within a day or two. Here to, it has been paying to cover a lot of water. The more pools pockets we have been able to fish the more productive the fishing has been. Productive flies have been fairly straightforward. Egg patterns in size 8 and 10, in colors of Oregon cheese, cream delight have been most productive. For streamers, Bonnie flies and woolly buggers and size 6 in colors of white, black, olive have been very productive for Brown trout.
The Salmon River water flow has fared much better with the recent round of whether. Water flows still remain at 500 CFS, however it would be wise to check on water flows before you intend to fish. Water flows on the Salmon River has a tendency to be unsettled this time of the year. The Salmon River has a large population of stonefly. I do not know exactly what the name is of this particular stonefly. I just simply call it, a winter stonefly. This time of year, this particular stonefly becomes very active and on warm sunny days can hatch in large numbers. When this happens, the steelhead in the Salmon River, start to behave like trout. Look for feeing fish at the head of the pools, along the current edges. Of course keep you stonefly's size between 12 and 10.

If you are trying to time your spring steelhead trip, keep in mind this spring steelhead fishing could be running two weeks ahead of schedule. This will be especially true for the Western New York tributaries. Do to the unusually warm mild winter we are experiencing, lack of snow. I suspect water temperatures to quickly warm, triggering early rounds of steelhead. These warmer than normal water temperatures will also start the spring spawning earlier than normal. As a result the spawning will finish ahead of normal. As for the Salmon River I suspect the same is true there to. However experience has shown that the drop back fishing will still linger on into May. As of now the spring steelhead fishing seems to be running approximately 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Keep in mind one good late spring storm can change all that put everything back onto a normal schedule. As always with the spring steelhead fishing the weather rules.

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