Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It has been sometime since I've made my last report. Not much has changed with the fishing. The fishing has remained quite consistent over the last few weeks. On like our winter weather lately. Water flows are still on the high side for the Oak Orchard River. But the water flow is slowly dropping and water color is improving. The cold weather will only help with the river conditions. We should see the fishing improve over the upcoming week. We have had high muddy water in Oak for over the last three weeks. As a result we have not been able to fish the river properly for some time. I suspect there is a good number of fish spread out from the dam on down river. Once water flows and water color improves, we should find fish holding all pools and runs. For flies try fishing egg flies in colors of chartreuse and orange, in size 8, also white Willy buggers in size 6. The smaller creeks are in good shape for now. But the recent cold weather has ice up many of these creeks. However I do not think the smaller creeks will stay ice up for long. If this winter weather patterns continue, we should be back to fishing the smaller creeks within a few days. As for flies the same patterns we use for the Oak should also be effective here to.
The same goes for the Salmon River the fishing has been extremely consistent over the last few weeks. The Salmon River has been flowing on the high side for some time now. The water flow has been dropped down from 1200 CFS to 900 CFS recently. However the flows have rebounded back to the 1200 CFS. Then after that the water has been dropped ones again, this time down to 500 CFS. Bouncing water flows can be so annoying . I think this is where the water flows are going to remain for some time. But the fishing has been consistent in the lower river over the last few weeks. The upper river has the most consistent fishing and the most fish. This is nothing now hear, normal winter stuff. The fly patterns are staying pretty much the same. Small cream-colored egg flies in size 10 and 12s. Of course stonefly nymphs are becoming extremely important to the fish now, keep these flies in size ranging from 12 to as big as a 6. Use your imagination when it comes to stonefly patterns, experimentation goes along ways.

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