Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It has been a while since my last update. With this unusually warm winter weather, the fishing still going strong. By now all of our small streams and creeks are normally shut down with ice. However it has not been cold enough to totally freeze all the smaller waters shut. The recent cold snap has caused some icing in our smaller streams and creeks. However we will have to assess the fishing conditions of the smaller waters on a daily basis, considering the weather fluctuations we have been experiencing lately. The larger rivers such as the Oak Orchard River is not experiencing the ice, as the smaller streams and creeks are. Water flows are remaining what we would refer to as a constant medium flow. Water clarity remains in good shape in all the rivers and creeks for Western New York. Water temperature fluctuation has been the biggest challenge to the fishing. When the weather turns more favorable we are experiencing temperature fluctuations of 2 to 5 degrees depending on the watershed. The easiest way to deal with this is to just go to what I call, fishing the winter hours. be on the water fishing by 9 AM and finish straight through till about 3 PM. Expect the best fishing to be somewhere around 11 AM to about 2 PM. This is generally when water temperatures have warmed up slightly, turning the fish on. By late afternoon around 3 PM the sun is starting it get off the water and this time of the year water temperatures will drop quickly. Keep in mind 1 or 2 degrees change in water temperature is all that is needed to turn the fish off. Productive flies for the Oak Orchard River are areas egg patterns in your favorite colors. Also we've been having good success with white and brown and black woolly buggers in size 6
The Salmon River is now flowing at 900 CFS, we've had that flow for some time now. Hopefully the Salmon River, will stay somewhere between 1000 to 350 CFS through winter months. The higher water level may be more of a challenge for us fly fishermen to fish, but it's a great winter water flow for the steelhead. We will just need to adapt to the waterfalls. The DSR has been reporting consistent fishing over the last few weeks. The means that there is a steady flow of new steelheads entering the river on a regular basis. As low as the fish keep coming in the river, lower river, will continue fishing. I do not suspect this to change in the near future. It will take some real cold weather and low water flows, before the lower river fishing becomes on productive. As you would expect the upper river is where the majority of fish the, but this is also where the majority of the fishing pressure is. This does not mean that every day is a busy – day in this part of the river. Some days there is not all lot of fish pressure on the river. However the further down river down river we have been fishing, the more the cooperative fish have been. With the recent increase in waterfalls, expect to see a renewed with the egg bit. We have been getting the best results fishing egg patterns in cream-colored with apricot dot. Also various stonefly patterns are taking her share of fish. Keep these flies somewhere between size 12 and size 8.
I am offering a winter special guide trips on the local streams, for one of two persons on stream 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. One person $200.00 – two for $300.00, now till March 15, 2012. Give me a call and enjoy some winter fishing. Cell is 585-233-0436