Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We are still doing well fishing for brown trout in the Western New York tributaries. This is despite the fact that we have not received any significant rainfall in two weeks. As you can imagine, all the streams and rivers are getting really low and clear. Even though we recently received some rainfall, this rainfall had little effect on any of the water flows for the Lake Ontario tributaries. However we did receive significantly more rain in the Southwest part of the state. This caused the Lake Erie tributaries to temporarily go out of fishing condition. Due to low water conditions we have to cover a lot of river between fish. It is amazing how a 10 pound Brown trout can disappear in ankle-deep water. I described the fishing we been doing lately as a big game of hide and go seek. When fishing in these challenging conditions. The best techniques you can use this to simply stay back away from the fish. Also if the Browns seem to be reluctant to take any of the standard egg flies consider trying stonefly nymphs or hairs here nymphs. We've even had really good luck with size 12 Copper John's. It seems like at some point during the Brown trout run they seem to get tired of eating eggs. When this happens some sort of nymph pattern between sizes 12 to size 6 seems to solve the problem.
Water flows on the Salmon River is still holding at 335 CFS and judging by the amount of rain that was received in the Salmon River watershed. Water flows will most likely stay at current levels. Over the past week the DSR has received a steady flow of fresh steelhead almost daily. Along with the steelhead Brown trout have recently joined in with the mix. The upper river has been seeing a lot of intense fishing pressure lately. The fishing pressure has been significant enough to natively affect the fishing. It is best to concentrate your fishing efforts from mid river on down. Once the steelhead entering the upper river and is exposed to the intense fishing pressure, the fish have a tendency to shut down. As long as there is a steady flow of new fish entering the river is best to concentrate your efforts in the lower river. Even though there is fewer fish, these fish will certainly be in a more receptive mood. When the weather is warm and the water temperatures are up. Swinging flies is a good option when fishing the lower river. When using this technique you need to experiment to see which patterns will be working best, however keep your flies somewhere between three to 4 1/2 inches long. Also the egg bite continues, stay with your favorite egg flies in size 8 to 12. Also when in doubt try fishing black stonefly in sizes ranging from 10 to 6
I still have prime dates still available for late November and December. This is Brown trout and steelhead fishing in western New York along with the Salmon River. I also have a great new guide working for me that will continue to do trips on the Salmon River, Interested, please feel free to contact me, cell 585-233-0436 or feel free to call the fly shop and talk to Carl the number is 585-352-4775. Good fishing and hope to see you this fall.

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