Sunday, October 16, 2011

Columbus Day weekend has come and gone. Traditionally Columbus Day weekend is the busiest weekend for fishing pressure for the entire fall. This is not to say that the crowds are gone from the Salmon River. The fishing pressure is still very heavy in the upper river, this includes both fly-fishing zones. This section of the river will remain busy for at least another couple of weeks. However, if you are Looking for some sanctuary from the crowds consider fishing mid river on down. We are still receiving, light but study runs of salmon entering the river almost daily. These trickling runs of salmon do add up to a lot of fish very quickly. The fresh run salmon are starting to have that bronze color look to the fish. Don't let this darker color fool you these fresh fish are still eating a swinging fly and fighting very hard. The Chinook and Coho salmon spawn is definitely under way. I have observed salmon spawning through the entire river system. The largest concentration is obviously in the upper portion of the river. However anywhere there is suitable spawning habitat, there is salmon spawning there. It will not take long for the river to become saturated with eggs. This is also when we start to see steelheads and we are doing just that. We are seeing more steelhead every day and they are now making up part of the daily catch. We are off to a strong start to the steelhead season. It is looking like we are going to have another great steelhead season.

Water flows remain at 335 CFS and I suspect that the water flows will remain this way for the upcoming week. Hopefully upcoming rain event will be significant enough to give us some runoff; this will definitely kick the steelhead run into high gear. Due to the warm weather we were enjoying over the last few days today. The water temperatures have increased back into the mid 60 degree, hopefully this coming week water temperatures will cool back down. The ideal water temperatures we are looking for at this time of year is somewhere between 50 to 55 decrease.

Productive flies: this past week has been fairly easy for me to figure out what flies the salmon want. The good old standbys were proven why they take up so much space in my fly boxes. Fishing the lower river: We have been doing fairly well with the standard black and silver, brown and Copper Willie buggers, in size 6 and 4. Also try fishing egg sucking leeches in the same sizes. Fishing the upper river: The same flies are working in this part of the river, but go smaller in size. Also try fishing black stone flies in sizes 10 to 6. With the spawning going on, throughout the river. It is time to try some egg flies.

Note: I still have prime dates for October available,,21,22,23,25,27, Interested, please feel free to contact me, cell 585-233-0436 or feel free to call the fly shop and talk to Carl the number is 585-352-4775. Hope to see you this fall.

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