Thursday, September 29, 2011

The salmon continue to come in at a slow trickle, on the Salmon River. There is a good number of fish in the river. Early in the week Coho salmon made up most of the run, but later in the week Chinook salmon started to make up the larger portion of the daily run. Most days the fish are moving around first light, and continuing on to mid afternoon. This is a good dose of fish. It does not seem to bother the salmon if it is sunny or cloudy, they still keep tricking in. as long as the water temperature do not get to warm, the fish will continue to enter the river on a daily basis. I have noticed that water temperature this week had a lot to do with how strong the fish were trickling in. Water temperatures are still in the mid-to low 60s, warm for salmon fishing. One of the advantages of this tricking run, is the fish get spread out throw out the whole river. For now any of your favorite pools you like to fish, you will find fish there. The salmon that are in the upper river are a lot more difficult to get to take flies. Many of these fish have been sitting in the pools for almost three weeks. Longer salmon sit around in their pool, the more reluctant they are too to eat a fly. Once the spawning starts this will all change.
Water flows are still at 335 CFS as of now. Hopefully we can maintain this water flow. Reservoir levels remand a big concern. We only received a half inch of rain since my last report. This is insignificant to have any effect on the water flows. Ones again, we need rain. We will have to see what this last round of rain will do for us. Hope fully water flows will remain at 335 CFS for the upcoming week.
Productive Flies: we have been using the large variety of flies. Once again we have been forced to constantly experiment with fly patterns. One pattern that is starting to consistently show itself is that during low light periods flashy flies have been more productive. Also flies with the color hot pink mixed in, has been working for Coho salmon. For Chinook salmon we have been doing fairly well with the standard black and silver, brown and Copper Willie buggers in size 6. Obviously staying with the brighter colors and flashier flies, during low light periods, go with the more earth colored flies when the sun is on the water.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Salmon River Update

The fishing on the Salmon River has made a considerable turnaround from last week. Last week the runs have stalled out and we were not receiving any new fish entering the lower River. As of last Friday the salmon have started to run consistently, so far the fish have not missed a day. Generally we have been receiving a consistent trickle of fish. Some days are obviously better than other days but the fishing has been consistently good. We have been seeing a study flow of Chinook salmon; however most of fish have been Coho salmon. By now you can expect to find good numbers of fish spread out through the entire river system. Both fly fishing zones are quickly filling up with Chinook and Coho salmon.

The Salmon River watershed has been receiving some rain over the past week. However the rainfall has been insignificant and water levels in the reservoir are still a concern. Seems like we're always in need of some good rainfall this fall. Water flows can be hard to predict, but so far water flows have remained at 335 CFS. I suspect this 335 CFS water flow is going to remain in effect for some time. This water flow is probably the most convenient flow for most fishermen when it comes to fishing for salmon.

Productive flies: has been a big challenge. I have not been able to narrow down a fly selection to a small group of three or four effective patterns. I have been forced to carry a large selection of flies. Some days it seems almost impossible to figure out just what the fish wants. It seems like each individual fish wants something different. The few patterns that I have been able to diagnose, is that early-morning in lowlight conditions the Coho salmon prefer something pink. As for the Chinook salmon, they have been just as inconsistent on fly patterns. For now you need to do a lot experimenting.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The last good run of salmon was last week. Since then the salmon have been slowly, very slowly trickling in. I would describe the fishing as of this moment, as basically the run has temporarily stalled out. This is nothing new we usually see this happen at least once every fall. There are many reasons for this to happen. It can be as simple as salmon being pushed back out into the deeper water do to conditions and warm water temperatures in the Lake itself. Or salmon doing what salmon like to do best, keep us guessing. Keep in mind we're still early into the salmon run. Things can change quickly. The good news is that there is salmon spread out through the entire river. All of the main pools are at least holding a few fish for now. Most of the salmon have been sitting in their pools for at least a few days now. When salmon become sedentary and incident in there pools for more than a day or two they can become tough to catch. In this situation it is best to concentrate your efforts on the heads of the polls were fast water first enters the pool. Even though there may be more salmon sitting in the main part of the pool, the salmon that are sitting in the fast water are generally more active. These few fish are potentially in the best mood to bite.
Water flows have been holding steady at 335 CFS for now. Water levels at the reservoir are starting to get low. Hopefully we will get enough rainfall to recharge the reservoir levels. If this happens we will most certainly see the salmon run start back up once more. The Salmon River area is and has been receiving some rain recently. Also cooler weather is forecasted for over the weekend.
Water temperatures are slowly but steadily cooling down we have seen water temperatures as cool as 62 degrees in the morning. The nights are cool and the water temperatures are slowly improving. Keep in mind that, ideal water temperatures for salmon is from 52 to 55 degrees. I always say it is amazing how fishing conditions can change from one day to the next, when it comes to fishing the tributaries.
Productive flies have been a size 4 black Bunny Leach, black and silver woolly bugger size 6. We have also had some luck with a salmon fly, that I call a tug toy. I would have to say the best fly recently has been processed. Stick with it and keep your flies swinging to the fish, sooner or later one seems to grab the fly.
I still have prime dates for September and October available. Interested, please feel free to contact me, cell 585-233-0436 or feel free to call the fly shop and talk to Carl the number is 585-352-4775. Hope to see you this fall

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The salmon fishing on the Salmon River is starting to happen. Water flows over the weekend were at 335 CFS. However now the water flows have been increased to 750 CFS. The area has been getting some rain, and the reservoir starting to fill back up. Not only has the recent rainfall increased the water flow, but also has helped to drop the water temperature. For now the water temperature is more important than water flow. Water temperature has been in the mid to low 70 degree range during the past week. This is too warm for the salmon to run in large numbers. However the water temperatures have gotten in to the upper 60 degrees range during a few cooler morning and few salmon have started to run this past week. This recent rainfall and increase in water flow has triggered a good run of salmon. Water temperatures have also improved significantly as a result, the pace of migrating salmon within the river system has resumed a normal pace. At these water flows, typically it will take a salmon 3 to 4 days to migrate through the river. Most of the salmon are in the lower river, for now. You must keep in mind, it is early September yet. There is not a lot of fish spread out through the river yet. But for this time of the fall, the fishing is good.
Because the warm temperatures can be fluctuating, at the upper end of the fish comfort level, the best fishing is from first light to mid-morning. Then again late afternoon until dark, when you can find a few fish starting to move once again.
Ones the salmon get in the river water temperatures will dictate how slow or how fast the salmon will move through the river system. Keeping this in mind will make it easier to predict where we can find the salmon from one day to the next. Of course conditions can and do change quickly. There is a fair amount of rain forecasted for this coming week. Depending on the water temperatures and how much rain we do get will have a big influence on how well the salmon will be running this coming week. Also water flows and reservoir levels are a big concern. This recent big shot of rain has gone a long ways in helping to encourage the salmon to run.
Productive flies have been black leech patterns, and black and silver wilily bloggers in size 4. Nothing new here, these flies are good dependable standby Chinook salmon catching flies.
I still have prime dates for September and October available. Early to mid- September, we will be fishing for: Atlantic salmon and early Chinook salmon. Bothe fish will be hot when hooked. Interested, please feel free to contact me, cell 585-233-0436 or feel free to call the fly shop and talk to Carl the number is 585-352-4775. Hope to see you this fall