Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We are now starting to get the rain that we need. The reservoir for the Salmon river was at the same level we head three years ago, when we had the drought. But fortunately the water shed got over 4 inches of rain, last week and even more this week. This is a good start and the rain seems to keep on coming. The cooling weather is helping to get the water temps down. It is looking good for late August trout and Atlantic salmon fishing in the Salmon river. I did not think we will see a water flow increase in tell the first of September, but this is normal. Keep in mind the 185 CFS flows are that bad, in fact we do very well fishing dry flies for trout. We do very well fishing for the Atlantic salmon also with this water flow, we just need the water temps to come down.

As for the local trout streams water flows are still good to fish. If the water is down and clear, it will be good Trico fishing. The Trico are about a size 22 now. If the heavy rains, makes the water flows high and muddy, fish black wilily buggers and catch fish. The dirty water will not be a problem as long as you can see your feet in about 18 inches of water.
There is nothing new going on with spring brook. Same old run down, of scuds and midges. Use scuds in size 16, and midges in size 22 and smaller. If you're getting tired of fishing these flies, try fishing streamers. Fishing pressure on spring brook has dropped off enough that some big fish are starting to show up. It's always worth fishing with streamers, the potential for big fish are certainly there.

September is coming soon if you feel the need for a spey casting tune up, now is the time. Also if you are thinking of a fishing tune with the spey rods and sinking lines or a general fishing tune up. Now is the time to consider a day on the water

Fall news litter 2011

It may be a little hard to thank about the fall fishing. But fall will be on us soon enough. We will be looking for an early run of Chinook salmon sooner than we think. There is a lot of news coming from the lake fishermen, and it is good. The biggest news is there is a lot of food or bait available for the fish to feed on. One thing that is certain, the fish has had a good growing season.

Judging from what I am hearing from the lake there is no shortage of salmon, both Chinook and Coho salmon. Also there being a lot of food for the fish, we should be seeing some good size salmon, similar to last season. This is supposed to be the short year for salmon, the result from the drought year three years back. It looks like these fish did wall ones they gut in to the lake.

The big news is the brown trout. There has been some good numbers of fish out in front of Oak Orchard and sandy creek. This report is not just at these locations, but all around the lake. I also heard of some very big fish being caught. I have had a confirmed report of a brown trout weighing in at over 20 ponds. I have heard of several more in that size class. This is some big brown trout. As usual water flow will be a big factor when it comes to the fall brown trout run. But the fish are there and with some good water flows we will see some good runs of browns come November.

Steelhead numbers continue to be strong. Lake fishermen are constantly commenting on the large numbers of steelhead, they have been encountering all summer. I have been hearing of a lot of very large steelheads being caught this summer. It looks like the steelhead resurgence continues. Obviously for us fishermen, this is always good news. Fall is when the steelheads are at their best, chrome bright, fresh from the lake and full of fight.

As many of you know I will be starting my fall fishing schedule on the Salmon River in September. Then in November I will be moving back to Western New York to finish up the fall fishing season. This season I intend to start fishing the Salmon River in early September, so we can take advantage of the Atlantic salmon fishers. Those of you who are aware this is a new fishery. September we are seeing Atlantic salmon showing almost daily. By mid-September the Chinook run is normally under way. At this point our primary target will be Chinook and Coho salmon.
Here is how my fishing schedule for the rivers and fish I'll be fishing this fall. As many of you know the schedule is based on where and when the fish are running. I try to stay in the best fishing I can find.

Starting with the Salmon River
Early September to mid-September fishing for: Atlantic salmon
Mid-September to mid-October fishing for Chinook and Coho salmon
Mid-October to November steelhead fishing
November- I am back fishing in western New York fishing for brown trout and steelhead later in the month. However I do occasionally make trips back to the salmon rivers from November throughout the winter depending on fishing conditions and the convenience for traveling fishermen.

As of now I still have plenty of prime dates for September and October. However dates for November are filling fast. Also this year the access fee for fishing the Douglaston salmon run, on the Salmon River will also be included with the daily guide fees. This is a savings of $45 per person. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, cell 585-233-0436 or feel free to call the fly shop and talk to Carl the number is 585-352-4775. Hope to see you this fall

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