Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The dog days of summer are here. The main hatches of spring are over. The even spinner falls are now become inconsistent and light. We are now fishing the morning shift. The streams and rivers are now benefiting from all the wet weather we had in the spring. Most of our streams have a good flow of water for now, despite how dry it has been. True to form for this time for the year, we need rain. Water tempers have not been a big concern, in till now. Most of the trout streams have benefited from strong flows from ground water.
Most of the summer hatches, come off early during the early morning hours. This is normal for the summer hatches. For now we are seeing some olives size 22 to 24. The Trico hatch will get going with in the coming week. Hear to this a size 20 fly. This is technical fishing long litters and light tippets. Also keep in mind that we have been picking in these fish for a few months now. They know the game, wade slowly and do not hit the water with the cast. Most of the summer bugs are small with the expectation of the Isonychia, this is a size 10 fly. Keep in mind that this fly dose not hatch in big numbers or is present on all of our trout waters. However where these flies do exist they are an excellent fish getter. Along with thefor mentioned flies, it is time for ants and beetles. These are a good choice for mid to late morning when the sun gets on the trees.
If the evenings are your time to fish, then stay with rusty spinier in size 18 to 20 white wolves size 14. You may want to try fishing brown and olive wilily buggers in size10. The bigger trout will be feeding in crayfish instead of all the small bugs.

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