Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Water, water, everywhere, rain, rain will it ever slow down. Most of the time, we can use a little rain by now, to keep the streams and rivers healthy. But now we could seriously use a little dry weather. I am always telling people if you're waiting for perfect fishing conditions you are going to do a lot of waiting. This spring is certainly an extreme example of this. I am still been fishing for steelhead on the Salmon River. I will be for a couple more weeks. Especially with these water flows, most of the trout streams are still too high to fish. Water flows on the Salmon River are no exception. We are still dealing with high water. Water flows at the present time are at 1500 CFS, plus runoff. We had water flows as high as 4000 CFS this past week. Hopefully we seen the last of water flows like that for a while. Despite the challenges of high water we enjoyed some good steelhead fishing this past week. The steelhead spawn is finally starting to wind down. We can still find a few females working. But most of the fish are starting to work their way out to the Lake. On the way out and with the spawning out of the way, the steelheads go back on the feed. This makes for some of the best fishing on the swing for steelhead of the season. The biggest changes is getting the fly down in the deep water, slowing the fly in the fast water. We are using heavy sink tips made from T-14 and T-11. The spey rod makes the casting easier and covering water faster. For the one handed rod 10 feet of T-14 gets the job done. For the flies we have been using big wooly buggers and intruders. With the high water, we need to put a big target out there to get the fishes attention.

Many of you are aware that last summer we had an actual run of Atlantic salmon, resulting in some interesting fish. Over the past week there has, been some confirmed reports of Atlantic salmon being caught in the salmon river. I keep reminding everybody that this Atlantic salmon fisheries, is actually new to us. Timing of runs is just one of the elements that we are trying to figure out. However it is exciting to note that as the steelhead leave the river. The Atlantic salmon are starting to run.

The inland trout fishing is suffering from the same high water. All of river and streams need a few days of dry weather. Before water levels start to began to come down. It is looking like we will have to wait a little longer before we can do some dry fly fishing. For now the only trout fishing we have is spring brook. There it is midges, scuds and a few blue wing olives. Hopefully we can get on the trout streams soon. Even with all of the high water there is one positive side effect. Several of our trout streams depend on socking. This high water has help to disbursed these stocked fish and given the fish time to adapt to the new habitat.

I have days available for early May, this is May 11, 12 we will be fishing for drop back steelhead on the Salmon River. This is some of the best steelhead fishing with a swinging fly for the year. If you ever wanted to try your hand with a spey rod, this is the time to do it. I will be fishing the upper Genesee River for trout, I have May19 and 21 opens. The upper Genesee River is an excellent river for dry fly fishing for trout.
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