Saturday, May 14, 2011

The steelhead fishing is finally winding down. Ironically so is the water flow on the salmon river. For now the flow are still high, water is flowing at 900 CFS, water flows did finally received down to 350 CFS for a few days. However the extended weather forecast is showing more rain. I do not think water flows will stay up for long. We have been swinging flies and covering a lout of water. Experienced has taught me the best way to fish to these drop back steelhead is to cover a lout of water. The more water you fish there the more bits you can potentially get. For flies we have been using the same old stuff big woolly bugger in brown and copper, Leach patterns and intruders. I keep the flies about 4 to 41/2/inches long and looking like some think good to eat. I always fish later into the spring then most anybody else does. I will be finishing up my steelhead fishing soon and starting to fish for trout. However as always I leave plenty of steelhead in the river. This spring is no exception. I have been seeing more finish holding in the river for this time of the year than any other year. If you still need that last steelhead before I go to the Lake, you still have time. It has been another great steelhead season but a challenging one. This is nothing new, every season has it's own set of challenges. All we need to do is to adapt and over come.

The Salmon river is thought of as a salmon and steelhead river. However the Salmon River is a good trout river also. In fact in my opinion the Salmon River could become a world class trout river. Especially when you see the quality of hatches, that come off the salmon river. Right now there is a Hendrickson hatch and two different Caddis thet are hatching. These are not light sporadic hatches but fill the air and load up the trees with bugs, style of hatches. These hatches are as heavy as I have seen coming from are best trout rivers, such as the beaver kill in the Catskill Mountains. I will be coming back to the salmon river to fish for trout daring some of my favorite hatches.

The trout streams are finally starting to come in to fishing conditions. Water flows are on the high side but fishable. We will need to keep an eye on the water flows over the next week, judging by the long-term weather forecast, more rain coming. So much for the Hendrickson hatch, the high water has kept us from fishing that hatch. This happens more often than we like. We may still find a Hendrickson's spinner fall over the next week, if the conditions are favorable. The next big hatch of bugs is starting up. This hatch is a light tan Caddis in size 14. The tan caddis can be found in all most all of the trout streams. Look for the hatch to start around mid day and go to late afternoon on to dusk depending on air temperatures. This Caddis hatch can provide some good dry fly fishing. However I personally like to fish this hatch with soft hackel wet flies. I have found that most of the fish feed on the merger as it makes its break for the surface.

I will be fishing the upper Genesee River for trout, I have May19 and 21 opens. The upper Genesee River is an excellent river for dry fly fishing for trout. I also have openings for fishing for local trout streams and exploring the fishing back on the salmon river. I can be contacted through my cell phone at 585-233-0436 or through the fly shop at 585-352-4775

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