Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The first of April has come, for many fishermen the means opening of trout fishing. Even though we can fish for trout in several of our trout streams, year round, but now we can fish all of our favorite trout water. Such as the upper Genesee River, and the all of the Finger Lakes tributaries. Due to the recent rainfall, I suspect most of the Finger Lakes tributaries are a little high to be fishing at the moment. This would include Oatka creek and the Genesee River from Wellsville on up river. Fortunately for us the hatches have not started yet. I suspect the bugs will get going in tow to 3 weeks. We may see a few quill Gorton's at first and then the Hendrickson's will get under way. The creek that is having any hatches or is in fishing condition is obviously spring creek. Hear the hatch is Midges, a size 20 black Midges. As most of yon known I will be steelhead fishing in tell mid May. Steelheads come and go, the trout will be there when I get to them.

As for the steelhead fishing. Starting with Oak Orchard River. Water flows on the Oak are clear and at and medium flow. Water temperatures are hovering around the low 40 degree mark. This means steelheads are spread out through the entire river. You'll find fish holding in the pools and spread out on the gravel beds spawning. Because of the clear water, expect the spawning steelheads to drop back into the pools on bright sunny days. Unfortunately the rain over the last couple of days has not increased the water flows much or decreased the visibility. We need a good push of water to pull in a new batch of fish. Keep in mind steelhead are a high water fish. For flies, we've been having success with a wide range of patterns. Little rainbow streamers, Willie buggers, egg sucking Leach's and all that fun stuff. If you are fishing in the pools and the suckers are becoming a problem, try swinging a black Willie bugger.

The Salmon River, the upper river especially the fly zones are loaded with steelhead, nothing new here. However the rest of the river has good numbers of fish spread out through the system, what loss fishing pressure. Water temperatures are still cold, 36 degrees. This is normal, most years the Salmon River will run approximately 3 to four weeks behind the Oak Orchard River. This is why I fish the Oak Orchard now and in two weeks I'll be fishing the Salmon River. Water flows, recently have been at 750 CFS plus run off, however I suspect the water flow will be going up soon. There has been a few fish trying to spawn here and there, but the water temperatures are still to cold for most of the fish to start spawning.

I have days available for early May we will be fishing for drop back steelhead on the Salmon River. This is some of the best steelhead fishing with a swinging fly for the year. If you ever wanted to try your hand with a spey rod, this is the time to do it. I can be contacted through my cell phone at 585-233-0436 or through the fly shop at 585-352-4775

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