Thursday, March 24, 2011

We had a nice taste of spring for a few days before reality came crashing back. The water temperatures for the Western tributaries, earlier this week manage to warm up in to the magic 40 plus degree range. However this spike in water temperature was only temporary. One cold snowy day is all it takes to drop the water temperature back in to the mid 30 degree range. Steelhead fishing in the month of March can be challenging. Along with fluctuating water temperatures water flows have also been fluctuating slightly. This has not been as big of a problem as the water temperatures. The fluctuating water flows, help to keep the fish on the move. We will have to go back to winter fishing techniques for the next few days, while this cold front works its way through. Once the weather stars to warm back up, water temperatures will quickly improve this time. We do not have the ice to clear out of our streams and creeks. The Oak Orchard rivers reservoir is now free of ice. This means water temperatures will react quickly once spring weather comes back around.
Until the snow and cold returned we were having a good time fishing for spring Brown trout and early steelhead. We were finding consistent fishing in Oak Orchard and all of the shrouding smaller creeks and streams. These fish are still there, all they have done is moved into deeper water to wait out this cold weather. For now we need to take a step back and go back to winter fishing techniques. This is methodically fishing the deeper pools with egg patterns and nymphs under indicators. This so-called step back is nothing new for this time of the year.
The cold snap has also help to stabilize the water flows on the Salmon River. For now water flows are at 1500 CFS. This is not that bad of a flow of this time of the year. If it stays cold for over a week or so I suspect water flows could be further reduced.

I have days available for early April, this is fishing Oak Orchard River and Sandy Creek. The advantage to fishing the Oak in early April it is the peak of the steelhead run for the Oak. Also water temperatures are at ideal levels. We are able to take advantage of these conditions and do some Steelhead sight fishing. I can be contacted through my cell phone at 585-233-0436 or through the fly shop at 585-352-4775

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