Monday, March 14, 2011

The spring run off is under way. The Western tributaries have been out of there banks for almost a week, nothing new hear. The unsettled weather that typically comes with the month of March makes water flows a challenge. The water flows will come down soon, so keep tying, you will need the files soon.
As of now, this is how things are looking. You can forget about the Genesee River in till mid April if we are lucky. The Genesee River has a huge drainage and takes forever to come down to a fishable level. As for the Oak Orchard River water flows should start to come down by the end of the week. I am thinking that we may be able to start fishing the Oak Orchard sometime next week. For now water flows are too high to safely fish and way too muddy. The smaller streams and creeks should start to come in to fishable condition with in a couple of days. Keep in minded, water flows that may look a little high and muddy are actually fishable. Early spring fishing means we must adjust to the conditions, nothing new here.
The water flows on the Salmon River has recently crested at a level of 4200 CFS. Water flows are now starting to come down, at last check, flows were around 2500 CFS. I do not expect water flows to decrease less than 1000 CFS for some time. There is a lot of snow melt to come through the system. I have been known to fish through some very high water flows on the Salmon River. Colder water temperatures keep the fish buried at the bottom of the pools. In these locations, fish are sheltered from the pressure of the fast moving currents. To have any real success at fishing these high water flows you need to have water temperature above 40 degrees. We will have to monitor the conditions on the Salmon River and see when conditions become more favorable for fishing. Until then I'll be concentrating my efforts in the Western tributaries.

For now I am fishing oak orchard, Sandy Creek, and the Salmon River for steelhead and last chance Brown trout. I will also be occasionally playing with the trout of spring Creek. By late March I will concentrate my fishing around Oak Orchard and Sandy Creek for steelhead, I will be fishing these waters until mid April. I have prime dates still opened for this month, March and early April. Mid-April I make my move to the Salmon River, where the spring steelhead cycle starts all over again. I fish steelhead on the salmon until mid May. I have a few days left for late April and several prime days for May still open. Feel free to give myself or the shop a call, and we will be happy to talk to you about what's going on and answer any of your question's, talked to Carl at the fly
shop the number is 585-352-4775 my [JAY] cell 585-233-0436

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