Monday, March 7, 2011

An immediate update -- hope to have some photographs to go with this soon.

A flood watch is in effect for our area. This is not news, I am quite sure most of you are quite aware of this. All of our local creeks are at there banks and flown extremely fast, and Oak Orchard is out-of-control, a muddy mess. Be for we got this latest round of rain, we had about 6 inches of sown on the ground. When you add over a half-inch of rain on to saturated snow-covered ground, with the creeks and rivers are already flowing at capacity, things do get out-of-control.
The Salmon River watershed is in real trouble today 3/10/11 the power dam managers are going to do an emergency release through out the day. This is extremely rare and dangers they will be raising the water flows throughout the day. Normally this is done at night when nobody's on the river. For now, a.m. water flows are at 2400 CFS, by the end of the day water flows will be close to, if not at 6000 CFS.
As always keep in mind little bit of high water is not a bad thing, however this is getting a little out-of-control. On the good side this is the last of the ice and the rain will clean out most of the snow. Maybe we will start to see an improvement in water temperatures soon. For now stay away from the rivers and get to the fly tying bench. Fresh fish are on the way.

The rivers are acting like spring is on the way. If you do not like the conditions just wait a day and things will change. The water flows are bouncing up and down, almost daily, do to constant weather changes. For now plan on water flows to be high, cold and off color, for the next few weeks. This may not sound good, but keep in mind that steelhead's are a high water fish and the muddy water is cover to the fish. Do not look at the river’s conditions throw a trout fishermen eyes. The biggest challenge is the cold water. We need to slow down the drift. It is like the fish needs more time to think about eating the fly.
This is exactly what is going on with the oak orchard river. We are fishing the main pools slowly and systematically. We are also concentrating our efforts from mid morning to mid afternoon. Ideally we like to see the sunlight lighting up the water. As for flies, egg flies and bunny flies have been doing the bulk of the work. The same goes for the smaller creeks, with the constant swings in the conditions. The pest then we can do is go fishing and adjust to the conditions

Over the weekend we have had a weather front come through and dump a couple of inches of rain and about 6 inches of snow. This has brought the rivers and streams back to the top of their banks. Nothing new for this time of the year, give the smaller creeks a day or two and they will start to come back to fishing conditions. Depending on how much snow and rain hit the oak orchard rivers watershed, we should be back to fishing the oak by the end of the week. I will have a better feel for this by mid to late week.

The Salmon River is also expressing a increase in water flows. As of now the water release is 1250 CFS plus about 400 CFS of runoff. Not bed considering how much snow and rain is in the Salmon River watershed. For now water temperature are extremely cold, most of the water flow is made up of snow melt. I will be looking at the Salmon River to possibly drop back to 750 CFS later this week. For winter fishing water flows of 750 and less is ideal for us fly fishermen. Once the water temperature warms up to above 40 degrees, we are good to go with water flows up to 3600 CFS. As most of you know I like fishing high water.

For those of you who are itching to do some trout fishing, potentially some dry fly fishing now is the time. This is when spring Creek has it's first real hatch of the year. Midday especially on sunny days there is a size 20 midge hatch going on. When the Midges are really going the fish will feed through the entire hatch, these hatchets can last for several hours. The best part about fishing a size 20 midge hatch is that the trout cannot eat enough bugs.

For now I am fishing oak orchard, Sandy Creek, and the Salmon River for steelhead and last chance Brown trout. I will also be occasionally playing with the trout of spring Creek. By late March I will concentrate my fishing around Oak Orchard and Sandy Creek for steelhead, I will be fishing these waters until mid April. I have prime dates still opened for this month, March and early April. Mid-April I make my move to the Salmon River, where the spring steelhead cycle starts all over again. I fish steelhead on the salmon until mid May. I have a few days left for late April and several prime days for May still open. Feel free to give myself or the shop a call, and we will be happy to talk to you about what's going on and answer any of your question's, talked to Carl at the fly
shop the number is 585-352-4775 my [JAY] cell 585-233-0436

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