Friday, March 18, 2011

Keep in mind at this point conditions do change quickly. It is not unusual to express extreme changes in fishing conditions from one day to the next. This is typical early spring time steelhead fishing, routine. As I like to say nothing new here. I will try to keep everyone updated of changes as much as possible. As always we fish when we can and we adjust to the conditions. As a result of the recent fishing conditions, we have enjoyed some phenomenal spring Brown trout fishing. Early spring is always a challenging time to fish. Recognizing opportunities is where the challenges lie, in this case big Brown trout.
The rain that we had on last Wednesday had little effect on water flows. We will have to take a weight and see approach to the rain that is forecast for early next week. For now the water levels continue to fall in all of the river and creeks. All of the smaller creeks are in fishing condition or close to it. The up coming warmer weather temperatures is going having a big effect on the fishing. The smaller creeks, is where the warm weather is having the biggest impact. These smaller creeks on longer have sown and ice milting in and are able to warm up faster.
The Oak Orchard river water flows continue to slowly fall. For now the water flow are still on the high side, very cold and off-color for fishing, but the Oak is fishing. For now concentrate your efforts in the pools. As for flies stay with egg patterns in fluorescent colors, at this point you could even try slowly swing and woolly buggers in your favorite colors. The most important consideration is the ice on the reservoir. Ones the ice is off, water temperatures will be able worm up. Keep in mind the magic water temperature is 40 degrees. This is when the steelhead start to get going with spawning and the big pushes of fish show up. I am guessing that ice should clear off the reservoir sometime next week. As long as we do not get a lot of rainfall between now on them, Oak Orchard should be fishing at its best buy then.
Water flows on the Salmon River are starting to stabilize somewhat. As of now or flows are at 1200 CFS plus run off, however water releases will be increased for the weekend to 1500 CFS. I do not think this is the last of a high water. Because of extremely cold water temperatures I am going to be concentrating my fishing efforts around the Oak Orchard River and Sandy Creek for the next few weeks.

I will concentrate my fishing around Oak Orchard and Sandy Creek for steelhead, I will be fishing these waters until mid April. I have prime dates still opened for this month, March and early April. Mid-April I make my move to the Salmon River, where the spring steelhead cycle starts all over again. I fish steelhead on the salmon until mid May. I have a few days left for late April and several prime days for May still open. Feel free to give myself or the shop a call, and we will be happy to talk to you about what's going on and answer any of your question's, talked to Carl at the fly shop the number is 585-352-4775 my [JAY] cell 585-233-0436

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