Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The cold weather has been a big factor lately. The cold continues to keep the fishing on the slow side. Ones the air temperatures goes, up the water temperatures will follow, the fishing will turn back on. All of the streams and river are now running at a medium level for fishing, as of now everything is at a good fishable level. The way the weather forecast is looking, the warm weather that we need is on the way.

The Oak Orchard River is in the same condition as the shrouding creeks. Fish scattered throughout the system, waiting for water temperatures to warm up. Despite all the fish that are hanging around right now. The fishing has been tough during this recent cold snap. The reason for the slow fishing is related to the recent cold water. This cold weather has caused water temperatures to drop sharply and put the fish off. As I always say this time of the year, fishing conditions can and do change quickly. I am expecting the conditions to change quickly. As for flies this is the time to carry a big selection. When you are fishing in cold water temperatures, that is below 40 degrees. Stay in the pools and fish with egg patterns. Once water temperatures warm up, above 40 degrees this is when steelhead starts to become very active. At this point you can find steelhead scattered out on the gravel beds spawning. Also this is the temperature when swinging flies start to become very effective. Time to brake out all of your cool steelhead head flies that you have been waiting to fish.

The Salmon River has been in the same situation, suffering from the cold. The recent cold snap has put a stop to the sown malt and run off. The water flow has dropped back down to 750 CFS. This is a good flow for us fly guys. We can cove the pools efficiently and easily and still get the boat around. Because the steelheads spawn, on the Salmon River generally runs three to four weeks behind the Oak Orchard River. We still need to stay with winter steelhead fishing techniques. Because of the recent water fluctuations the river bottom has been stirred up slightly. This is nothing new, but what this means to us is that for flies, egg patterns will be as important as stone fly nymphs.

I have days available for early April, this is fishing Oak Orchard River and Sandy Creek. The advantage to fishing the Oak in early April it is the peak of the steelhead run for the Oak. Also water temperatures are at ideal levels. We are able to take advantage of these conditions and do some Steelhead sight fishing. I also have days available for early May we will be fishing for drop back steelhead on the Salmon River. This is some of the best steelhead fishing with a swinging fly for the year. If you ever wanted to try your hand with a spey rod, this is the time to do it. I can be contacted through my cell phone at 585-233-0436 or through the fly shop at 585-352-4775

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