Wednesday, March 2, 2011

About the photographs; These photographs were taken along the banks of the salmon River. As you can tell it was a cold morning air temperature was 5 degrees, cold enough to freeze the steam from the River onto the tree.

This is starting to look like late winter, warm one day and melting snow, the next day freezing and snowing, perfect weather for making maple syrup. But we are more interested in steelhead fishing. With the weather alternating between freezing and thawing. The rivers and streams have not completely blown out. Water flows have been alternating between high and not so high. Due to the constant runoff from melting snow the water clarity has been on the muddy side. Also the snow melt is not helping the water temperatures. I suspect this is going to be standard water conditions for the foreseeable future.
The Oak Orchard River and all of the shrugging streams are opened and fishing. Water flows are as I said high and dirty, and super cold. The Oak Orchard has fish spread out through all of the major pools from the dam on down river. You will need to fish through the pools slowly, do to the cold water temperatures. The use of a strike indicator will also be a big aid in controlling your drift. Stay with egg patterns in size 8, and in fluorescent colors such as orange and chartreuse. You can try streamer fishing in the slower deeper water with white streamers for the Brown trout.
The water flow is finally increasing for the Salmon river. It has been approximately 12 weeks of water flows at 285 CFS. The water flow is being increased to 500 CFS. I suspect that a flow will be increased to 750 CFS or more over the next few days. This increase in water flow is going to cause a lout of changes to the fishing. First off the increased water flow is going to stir up the river bottom. As result a lot of stray eggs left over from the fall is going to be sent a drift, creating an egg bite. For a week or so size 10 and 8 egg patterns in Oregon cheese will be effective patterns. Also this is going to knock a lot of stone flies nymphs loose, washing them into the pools. The hotspots to fish will obviously be the heads of the pools. If one fly pattern is not working switch, keep rotating between egg patterns in stone fly nymphs in these location. The second major change will be the new fish moving in. High water always freshening up the fishing.

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