Thursday, February 10, 2011

You can say one thing for sure the weather and the fishing conditions have stayed consistent. Even though we had a few wormer days recently, this was not enough to thaw things out and turn on the fishing. Not all is lost. The first of all, the snow pack continues to grow. This means good run off, which will fire up the runs once the weather changes. Ideal conditions to get the fishing started in the Western tributaries such as the Oak Orchard and Sandy Creek. A good snow pack will help to recharge the groundwater. This will help to maintain a good flow once the run off from the snow pack goes away, extending the spring steelhead run. Always keep in mind that steelheads are a high water fish.

There has been a change on the Salmon river. The change in conditions is not with the water flows. The river flow is still at 285 CFS. Here again the snow pack continues to grow, we could have some good run off this spring. The change that I am tacking about is with the bugs. The Salmon river is full of stone flies and the early winter stone is becoming active. These stone flies will start to hatch soon, the dead of winter and here is one of the first signs of spring stirring. Steelheads love to eat stone flies. With the water flows staying consistently low and stable. The steelheads have quickly keyed on to the active stone flies. As you can imagine, stone files are the way to go for steelhead fishing on the Salmon river in till the water flows increase.

Spring Creek is the one place that cold weather has no affect on, nothing new here. Because of the spring water, water temperatures stay in the mid 40 degree range. The challenge here is dealing with the more than normal moody trout. Try fishing small pheasant tail's size 20 small Midge patterns size 20 and smaller and of course pink scuds size 16.