Monday, December 27, 2010

It looks like the lake effect snow guns have settle down for now. I have not spent much time recently on the water. However I can tell you that Oak Orchard River is in good fishing conditions and there is plenty of fish. All of our smaller streams and creeks are from now locked up in ice. Nothing new, just winter fishing conditions. The why the weather is looking later this week, we my have a break in the cold. Productive flies have been the standard egg patterns in size 8, white bunny streamers size 4 and 6.

The Salmon River water flow is down to 500 CFS. This a good flow for us fly fishermen, especially for winter fishing. Keep in mind water flow has been at the 500 CFS level for over a week now. This means the egg bite is temporarily shot down. Keep in mind all of the stray eggs that were a drift in the river are no longer available. When water flows stabilize or dropping for about a week, the egg bite is going to die off. Once the egg bite goes away, the fish start to key in on aquatic insects. Fortunately steelheads have a taste for stone flies. The Salmon River has become very productive producing aquatic insects such as stone flies. Once steelhead's keying in these insects, fly selection does become easier. Most days any size 6 to a 12 black or Brown stone fly will work just fine.
Every one of us is well aware of all the snow that we have received over last few weeks. Obviously the Salmon River area is no exception. In fact this region receives over twice the snow fall as the rest of us. Right now there is anywhere from two to 4 foot of snow along the rivers back. Looks like we are going to have a snowy winter, the new drift boat is going to get a work out this winter. Why struggles through the deep snow when you can float the River.

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