Friday, November 12, 2010

The hunt continues for monster Brown trout. Fishing for Brown trout continues to be consistently decent. I have found Browns scattered all about the rivers and creeks. There is no one large concentration of fish but, decent numbers anyways. The big challenge this week has been the weather, believe it or not. Early in the week we had a nice push of water that should have pulled a lot of fish in. Because this increase water flow came with a sharp drop in temperatures, water temperatures dropped off sharply. This slowed the fish's reaction to the water fluctuation. Over the last few days I have been observing a light but consistent run of new Brown trout. Most of these are female Browns that are finally starting to work their way up river. This has help considerably with settling down the groups of male Brown trout and improving their attitude towards taking a fly.
We are still experiencing morning water temperatures in some of our creeks as cold as 36 degrees. During warmer days water temperatures are warming back to the low 40 degree mark. These water temperature fluctuations are having a big influence on how to go about fishing for the Brown trout. Because the water temperatures are dropping into the upper 30 degree mark during the night, Brown trout are backing off the spawning gravel and holding up in the pools and pockets. It takes most of the day for the water temperature to warm backup into the low 40s. At which time the Browns will become active enough to resume spawning. We have been fishing the pools and pockets for most of the day. It is mid afternoon be for we are able to do any productive sight fishing. Looks like this falls challenge for Brown trout fishing, is going to be dealing with water temperature fluctuations.
Nothing much has changed with the fly selections. We are still using egg patterns in size 10 and 8. All of our streams and rivers are still saturated with eggs, basically we are matching the hatch.

I still have prime days available for November, 15, 28, 29, 30 this is fishing for giant Brown Trout in the western New York tributaries. If you have any questions feel free to call my cell at 585-233-0436. Or call the fly shop at 585-352-4775.
Please keep in mind when try to contact me on my cell phone. I am often in and out of good reception zones. Please be persistent or leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can.

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