Friday, November 19, 2010

The Brown trout fishing is moving along in its normal predictable patterns. The rainfall that hit us the other day, was way more than was predicted. This brought water flows to high to fish for all local rivers and streams with the exception of Oak Orchard River. It is a rare day in the fall when water flows are too high to fish. Fortunately the Oak Orchard River is in excellent fishing condition. I am also very reluctant to say to this, the crowds on the oak were very light. I could fish anywhere I want with nobody in the way. I hope the conditions on the Oak Orchard River stay this way for some time to come.
I am now starting to consistently, come a cross spawned out Brown trout. These fish are all females that have been in the system for the last few weeks. These fish are proximately 30 percent lighter in weight than they were when they first entered the river. This loss of weight is due to the load of eggs they were caring when they first came in. Other than this weight loss of eggs, these fish are still in very good shape. The nice thing about having these fish hanging around is that they are totally into eating. Plus they seem to have more energy when we do hook up with one of these fish. Even though I'm seeing plenty of spawned out Browns, we are still getting a steady trickle of fresh fish. I suspect we will still have fresh Brown trout trickle in for a few more weeks. In fact in the past I've seen some of the largest Brown trout after Thanksgiving holidays. Along with a steady trickle of fresh run Brown trout, we are now seeing and catching more steelhead. Keep in mind when we are now fishing in late November conditions. Water temperatures are going to be a concern. When we have cold clear nights expect water temperatures to drop significantly. When this happens be prepared for a slow start to the day, water temperatures will need to warm up a little before the fish turn on.
Productive flies: I am still fishing a lot of egg patterns, the normal stuff in the normal sizes. This is size 10 and 8 and colors of orange and Oregon cheese for the clear water. In the dirty water chartreuse is hard to beat. With all the spawn out Brown trout starting to go on the feed, streamers fishing will consistently become more effective. For this, white bunny flies in size 8 to 4 is hard to beat.

Even though December is just around the corner, this does not mean the fishing stops. December can be a great month for fishing for a mix of Brown trout and steelhead. Even though weather conditions can be cold sometimes, the rivers and streams can be a great place to be, light fishing pressure and plenty of fish. I will be bouncing around between the Western New York tributaries and the Salmon River depending on fishing conditions and logistics. If you have any questions feel free to call my cell at 585-233-0436. Or call the fly shop at 585-352-4775.
Please keep in mind when trying to contact me on my cell phone. I am often in and out of good reception zones. Please be persistent or leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can.

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