Monday, September 6, 2010

The last few weeks have not provided much fishing opportunities. This is nothing new for this area. Hot weather, and the natural cycle of some of our streams will often shot the fishing down. This doesn't mean that we lost our fish, it just means a change is coming.

It is September and we are back to fishing for Chinook salmon ones again. Over the Labor Day week end the Salmon River had a 750 CFS release of water. Most of the time this will trigger a small run of salmon. Do to high water temperatures and fish being fish, we did not see many salmon moving on the first morning of the water release. However the second morning we had a small run of fish. I account for the drastic change in fishing to the drastic change in weather. Heavy rains, high winds and colder air temperatures drop the water temperature down approximately 4 degrees. You need to keep in mind it is early yet, and we are fishing the very front end of the run. I have often said, this is my favorite time to be on the river. Even though there's not a lot of fish around. The salmon are at their best fresh from the lake and full of flight. The fishing pressure is light, and you can fish ware you want, for now. As we progress through the month the fishing is only going to improve.

The upper fly fishing zone still has a few Atlantic salmon around, however as the number of Chinook salmon picked up the Atlantic salmon will move out of the way of the Chinooks. For some reason these two salmon do not like to hang out with each other. The way things look I will give the Atlantic salmon about two weeks before they get crowded out by the Chinook's.

As for the flies, it is early yet and I will need time to figure out what the fly patterns are going to be. Until then I will rely on the usual stuff, woolly buggers and bunny flies.

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