Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes I have been a way for a few weeks, Went on a road trip to Idaho Falls. We have a new Clacka Craft drift boat. I know this is a step away from our traditional wooden boat. The old boat served its purpose well, however winter fishing conditions are taking its toll. The new boat is a16 foot low side, the low side will make it easier getting in and out of when we stop to get out and fish. Also being a low side drift boat, the drift boat will handle better in windy conditions. Being wider and slightly longer, it has a larger footprint on the water. This means that new boat will float about 2 inches shower than the old one. Along with all of this we have more storage and better leg locks. This boat will be far more comfortable and convenient to fish out of.

As for what is going on with the local fishing obviously I’ve been off these waters for some time. I will give you an update as soon as I get back into the swing of things. Obviously we are in the metal of the dog days of summer. Some of our rivers have warm water temperatures. So take this into account when you go out and fish.

One final note; this fall I will be starting my fall fishing earlier than normal on the Salmon River, due to a large run of Atlantic salmon. We can fish the lower river in the morning for Chinook salmon, Atlantic salmon in the afternoon. Obviously we will do what we always do. Go with the river conditions and go with what is happening. For more details feel free to give me a call at 585-233-0436 or call the fly shop at585-352-4775

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