Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall News letter 2010

There is a lot going on for this fall. As for the fishing, there is some news. We have a big run of Atlantic salmon in the Salmon River this summer. These fish will give us some early fall fishing. We have been fishing for these salmon throughout the summer or when water temperatures are in acceptable ranges. As we go into fall the water temperature will cool off and the Atlantic salmon fishing will pick up once again. These fish have been ranging in size from six to 16 pound. Most of the fish are in eight to 10 pound range. We have found that the Atlantic salmon definitely like to chase a swinging fly. Also, a few salmon have been taken on dry flies.

The story on the Chinook salmon is that this is the year class of the fall of 2007 low water flows. The fish numbers are supposed to be down, however the salmon this year are running big. There is a very good chance for a 30 pound plus salmon this fall. The way the charter boat captain's are talking, there is going to be plenty of salmon this fall. If you were around fall of 2007, you most certainly remember all the coho salmon we got into that fall. It was one of the best run of coho salmon I have seen. There are some rumors about good coho salmon fishing in the lake. Time will tell.

All the signs are looking towards another good run of steelhead this fall. It is good to have the steelhead fishing back to the way it was. The lake fishing over the summer was as good as the last few summer, and once again, the boat pressure has stayed low. I am expecting to see a good run this fall.

The brown trout fishing, last fall, required us to do some traveling. We did not have the fish showing up in their normal rivers. We had to go to the fish. I am not going to wait on the brown trout to come to me. We are going to the fish.
Those of you who have fished with me in the past know that I work hard to find the best fishing I can. Last fall, we found the best Brown trout fishing on the Salmon River. This fall I will do the same, Go to the fish.

When fishing salmon on the Salmon River, I like to fish the lower portion of the Salmon River. This means we spent a lot of time in the D.S.R. This year the access fees onto this properly will be covered under the daily guide fee.

I have made a new addition. We have a Clacka Craft drift boat. This is a big change form the traditional wood. Winter fishing conditions are taking its toll. The new boat is a16 foot low side. The low side will make it easier getting in and out of when we stop to get out and fish. Also, being a low side drift boat, it will handle better in windy conditions. Being wider and slightly longer, it has a larger footprint on the water. This means that new boat will float about 2 inches shallower than the old one. Along with all of this, we have more storage and better leg locks. This boat will be far more comfortable and convenient to fish out of.

Many of you know. My fishing schedule is designed to follow the runs as they happen along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. For those of you who are not familiar with my route through the rivers, here it is;
September through October; fishing the Salmon River.
November to December; fishing Sandy Creek, Oak Orchard River and Genesee River.
December through out the winter months, depending on fishing conditions and convenience, this will be either the Salmon River or Sandy Creek and Oak Orchard.

At this time, I sill have prime days available for the month of September. September may not be the hottest month for fishing. However, the salmon are fresh and the fishing pressure is generally light. It is one of my favorite times to be on the river. If you have any questions feel free to call me at 585-233-0436 or the shop at 585-352-4575 Good fishing this fall.

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