Thursday, June 24, 2010

The water flows this week on the trout streams have varied widely from stream too stream. We have had a series of thunderstorms throughout the week. However despite the water conditions, all of the trout streams have and are in good fishing condition. All of the rain is keeping the streams in good shape. We should be in good shape when the late summer hatches start.
Despite what I have sad the water flows have been fluctuating on the high side this week. We have a tendency to have preconceived expectations for what we are going to find and how we are going to fish. We get to the water and find that things are not what we expected. This is when most fishermen will declare the conditions are not fishable and go home. When you spend a lot of time on the water like I do, you learn how to fish in a lot of different conditions. It is all ways a good idea to approach the water and see what is going on and then adjust to the conditions. If you are on the water a lot of only get to fish occasionally, this make sends. Our fishing time is precious, any ways this is how I learned to fish in so-called adverse conditions.
So what's going on with the bugs. The sulfur hatch on both Oatka Creek and Spring Creek is starting to wind down for the summer. For Oatka Creek, there is still a few bugs hatching near or after dark, but the majority of the dry fly fishing is still centered around the evening spinner fall. There is also a mix of Caddis hatching, these Caddis range from size 20 black Caddis to a size 14 chocolate Caddis. These bugs are not consistently disbursed throughout Oatka Creek. Cover some water and you will find a few bugs on and some feeding fish. When there's no insect activity, nymphs fishing has been producing a fair amount of fish. Try fishing was scuds, hairs ear's, Coleman's march Brown nymph. This is also a good time to experiment with fishing soft hackles.
Spring Creek is still having some sporadic sulfur's hatches, however the spinner returns are still binging the fish up to feed. When there's no active hatch going on, it is time to start experimenting with various midge patterns. Mages and scuds are starting to be the name of the game. Keep these patterns to a size 16 and the Midge patterns to sizes 20 on down.

I am still offering my evening hatch special. We meet at 5 p.m. and fish until dark, this way we can fish through the evening catch and spinner fall. As always I bring the flies, leaders, and tippits, if you need a rod I will have that for you to. If you are interested give the shop a call at 585-352-4775 or my cell phone at 585-233-0436

I am continuing to fish for Atlantic salmon. Obviously this is a relatively new fisheries for us and I am learning about these fish quickly. Each time I fish for these fish I am able to work out new fly patterns and presentations. Obviously this is Atlantic salmon fishing and the salmon runs the game.
If you feel the need for a big fish fix, give me a call. As long as the river conditions cooperate I am going to continue to work with these fish. It is exciting to have a new option for the summer, fishing for Atlantic Salmon. I can be contacted through the fly shop, the number is 585-352 4775 or my cell at 585-233-0436.

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