Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This week all of the streams and rivers have come back in to prime fishing condition. As you can imagine after little high water, the fish have gone on the feed. For the bugs, gray foxes are now starting to wind down. You can still find the few in certain sections of the Genesee River and the Oatka for now. The sulfur hatch continues to come off during the evening, some evenings the hatch will happen the same time the spinners return. This means you'll need to watch the rises to see what the fish are feeding on. Keep in mind by now we have been picking on these fish for over two months. The trout are definitely on to us, pay attention to the presentation.
I am still offering my evening hatch special. We meet at 5 p.m. and fish until dark, this way we can fish through the evening catch and spinner fall. As always I bring the flies, leaders, and tippits, if you need a rod I will have that for you to. If you are interested give the shop a call at 585-352-4775 or my cell phone at 585-233-0436

A few of you may be aware that I have been exploring a new fisheries, lake run Atlantic salmon. I have been having some real success recently. This is not a high volume hook up deal, however the fish are showing up its historic numbers and eating flies. You have to keep things into perspective. When it comes to fishing for Atlantic salmon, it is normal to travel several hours and then fish for days and hopefully land a fish. I am finding fish right here in my home river. My success rate has been way over the top. Right now there is hardly anyone fishing for these fish. It is nice to have some big powerful fish and the river practically to yourself. If you feel the need for a big fish fix, give me a call. As long as the river conditions cooperate I am going to continue to work with these fish. It is exciting to have a new option for the summer, fishing for Atlantic Salmon. I can be contacted through the fly shop, the number is 585-352 4775 or my cell at 585-233-0436.

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